Coca Cola, famed for its carbonated drinks, is now shifting focus slightly; it is investing in "Fairlife" – a diary products company.

At a recent consumer conference, Sandy Douglas, the senior vice president of Coca-Cola North America announced that they will be launching Fairlife in the United States by December and its products will cost double the average price of milk and other dairy products in the market.


Fairlife's products are supremely healthy. Fairlife milk products will carry 50 percent more protein and 30 percent less sugar and will be completely lactose free. They also have a unique filtering system through which they can improve the nutrients in milk.

Take a look at this video below:

"It's basically the premiumisation of milk. Our ambition there is to create the Simply of milk," Douglas said at the conference adding that the test markets have responded extremely well.

"...we've created a joint venture with a bunch of dairy farmers who are innovative leaders in the dairy industry. So you put that next to Simply and you have a nutrition beverage company with tremendous growth potential," he said.

Douglas also said that the business will take some time to accelerate but when it does pick up, it will "rain money" on the company.

"Now to be clear, we're going to be investing in the milk business for a while to build the brand so it won't rain money in the early couple of years. But like Simply, when you do it well it rains money later. And we can deliver with our business portfolio before the milk comes on full profit line," he said.

Sexy Ads for Milk?

Fairlife Ads
Fairlife has already started advertising in the United states but its campaign seems a little too racy for a milk brand.Fairlife Official Website

Fairlife has already started advertising in the United States but its campaign seems a little too racy for a milk brand. A few print ads show women dressed in "splashing milk" while captions like "Drink what she's wearing" and "Milk that Mooves you" are scrawled in bold letters above one of them.

The social media is abuzz with these new ads and most think they are ridiculous! But in its defense, FairLife says that the ads were inspired by classic pin up girls. The ads have been created by London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz.

"His (Wieczorkiewicz's) Milky Pin-Ups collection turns real milk into high fashion to recreate the classic mid-20th century pin-ups of American artists like Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)," Fairlife explains on its website.

"Wieczorkiewicz's work epitomizes our fairlife philosophy of embracing the future, with a nod to what's wholesome and timeless. We hope that our fans recognize an instant classic in our purely nutritious milk," it added.