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Bharat Ane Nenu

Mahesh Babu and Koratala Siva promised to come up with another message-oriented entertainer when they teamed up for the second time after Srimanthudu. They kept their word for Bharat Ane Nenu (BAN).

As Bharat Ane Nenu begins, Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu) is seen receiving his fifth graduation certificate at the Oxford University in London. When the presenter asks him what's next, he replies, "I don't know." After the introductory song I Don't Know, the next 10 to 15 minutes of the movie moves faster with the flashback story of Bharat as Koratala Siva gives a brief introduction to his childhood without wasting a single second unnecessarily.

Bharat Ram returns to India following the death of his father (Sarath Kumar). Varadaraj, who founded the party with his father asks him to take charges as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after the rival factions aim for the post. Bharat, who wants to return to London, agrees to become the CM. I am sorry if you feel the rest of the first half of the film is a discourse on the rotten current political system.

The first half of Bharat Ane Nenu throws light on the bad condition of a host of issues including traffic and education. Enraged Bharat takes some independent and serious measures, which irk the rival factions within the party as well as the opposition party. His decisions receive a mixed response from media and public.

Soon after he becomes the CM, Bharat sees a girl named Vasumathi (Kiara Advani) at the bus stop and it is love at first sight for him. His love story, which runs parallel to the main plot, lacks scope, but it is crucial to the story. He continues his development works without caring for anyone in the second half. Following the mounting pressure, Varadaraj gets some photos of Bharat and Vasudha and forces him to quit the CM post.

In the pre-climax, Bharat is furious with media for tarnishing his image by making personal attacks. He holds the media responsible and blasts it for ignoring his good works and focusing on his personal life. Director Koratala Siva has taken several cinematic liberties, as it lacks logic big time, but he can't help it as he has to put forward his points.

Mahesh Babu's characterization is brilliant and the actor has delivered a fantastic performance. He impresses you in all action, sentimental and serious sequences. In fact, he is the showman in the film. When compared to other supporting artistes, Prakash Raj has got more screen presence and he is the next attraction after Mahesh. Kiara Advani, Sarathkumar, Devaraj, Aamani and Sithara have little scope for acting, but they stand out with their brilliant performances.

Devi Sri Prasad's songs gell well with the narration. Couple of them appears to be forced and could have been avoided. His background score elevates the intensity of several emotional and serious scenes. Picturization, action, dialogues, art direction are good and other attractions on the technical front.

Verdict: Bharat Ane Nenu is a serious political drama, but Koratala Siva has made it entertaining and engaging. It's a classy political drama with some mass moments. The movie is a must watch not just for Mahesh Babu's fans, but for all the filmgoers.