Jennifer Winget wowed us as Maya in season one and is now gearing up for the second season of Beyhadh. This time Jennifer's role as Maya is going to be deadlier, revengeful and a shade darker. The actor is super excited and thrilled to be part of Beyhadh 2 hoping that this season is also as successful as the previous one.

Beyhadh 2 to go on floors soon
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At a press conference held in Mumbai, Jennifer Winget spoke about her character and what makes Maya all the more revengeful. Winget also spoke about the colour code that her role will be following this season. On being asked about how her role progressed from previous season to this season the actor said, "Maya is a character which is close to my heart, she is one such person who is extremely dark. This season will see Maya turning all the more revengeful and obsessive to get things her way. People often see love has no boundaries, but Maya will show that hate has no boundaries."

'For Maya it is either white or black no in-between'

Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon in Beyhadh

All the ardent fans of Beyhadh have witnessed a peculiar styles statement and a particular colour that Maya flaunted in the show. Last season she wore white and this season it is said to be all black. When quizzed the actress what is the relevance of these colour in Maya's life, Jennifer adds," Maya in the previous season wore white as she believed her life is colourless. This season she is all black as the colour denotes hate and revenge. For Maya, it's either white or black no in-between"

'On sets, I turn to Maya mode after pack up I am Jennifer'

Beyhadh 2
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As Jennifer is playing a ruthless and negative role when asked if the role or character creates an impact on her mind and how easy to tough is it to switch to Maya and then back to Jennifer. The actress said, "During Beyhadh 1there were very few instances when it would take me time to get out of Maya, very rarely that would happen.

"I am an actor and for me to switch on and switch off is easy. 9 am I am on the sets I turn to Maya mode as it's pack up I am Jennifer. " Beyhadh 2 will be airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 9.00 PM and will be replacing Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati!