A 19-year old was shot by the KG Halli Police after he threw chilli powder and tried to stab a police constable who tried to arrest him. The boy was taken under custody for his connection with a history-sheeter's murder near KG Halli on Monday.


Teenager arrested by cops

The 19-year old Andrew alias Sanjay is a resident of Bagalur Layout. Sanjay is now hospitalised after being injured during his clash with the police officers.

According to the police reports, Sanjay and his associates allegedly hacked Bijju alias Maya Dileep who has several criminal charges already registered under his name, including for a murder case and an attempt to murder, at Bagalur Layout. This incident was reported on Saturday at around 8:30 pm.

A police team headed by inspector Ajay Sarathi has started an investigation over the case.

The police have received credible information regarding the whereabouts of Sanjay and his associates.

Revenge that led to the murder

They said that Sanjay held a grudge against Bijju for murdering his paternal uncle in 2013. He was waiting to take revenge against Bijju that eventually led him in forming the gang.

The police arrested Sanjay along with one of his associates from Lidkar Colony on Monday. The police is searching for the other suspects.

During the arrest, Andrew threw chilli powder at police and attacked head constable Srinivas Murthy. This led Sarathi open his first round of fire in the air and asked Andrew to surrender.

As the boy did not heed the officer's warning and continued attacking, the inspector fired the boy at his left leg.