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Manjunath — the man who has been arrested for the alleged molestation of a three-year-old girl at a preschool branch at Marathahalli in Bengaluru — was apparently the chief tormentor of many other students, because teachers of the school often used to send erring students to him for punishment. Manjunath — a non-teaching staff at the school — was also the only male employee there. 

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After allegations of molestation of a toddler against Manjunath came to light, the girl's parents tried to approach the school principal, but later told reporters that the principal had tried to hush up the matter. When they lodged a police complaint and Manjunath was arrested, the principal apparently asked them to take back the complaint. 

Manjunath was often tasked with disciplining some of the naughtier children in the school. The detail emerged after other parents, on learning of the trauma the three-year-old went through, questioned their own children about it. One of them has been quoted by the New Indian Express as saying: "If we didn't listen to teacher in the class or refuse to eat food in daycare or cry, they sent us to Manju bhaiyya and we are all scared of him."

The principal had initially been quoted as saying that there was no CCTV footage of the incident despite the school being monitored through CCTV cameras. It has now been revealed that none other than Manjunath was responsible for CCTV maintenance at the school.

Another detail that has emerged is that some of the ayahs used to change some children's clothes in front of him, and that he himself used to change some children's clothes.