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In her tweet, she mentions that she found two houses on the online portal Nestaway, which states their users are not discriminated based on religion. She said that the properties she found were perfect for her and her family, but the landlords denied her because they did not want Muslims living in their house. "Only a fanatic and irrational Hindu house owner can judge me without even talking to me," she wrote.

Addressing Nestaway directly, she continued, tweeting, "Why do you even list such houses which are against your brand's principle?" The platform famously ran an ad-campaign based on the hashtag #HomesThatDontDiscriminate and #HomesForEveryone where they promised users that those registered with the service will not face discrimination from landlords. "Stay loyal to your customers at least. I admired you because of the courage you guys had shown by starting a company which fights discrimination," she wrote.

Nestaway responded to the tweets by removing those properties from their platform. They responded, "We are off-boarding both these properties from our website, and the owners will no longer be associated with Nestaway in any manner. We would like to help you move into a house of your preference ASAP."

It was followed up with the statement that seemed to match the company's policy. "...we regret to know what you have been through and we sincerely apologize. As a company, in our words and spirit, we completely stand by you. We do not condone discrimination of any sort and strongly believe in treating everybody equally."