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A Bengaluru man in a bid to run his own hotel was caught by the city police on Sunday, December 1 after he abducted his 13-year-old cousin with help of his friends for a ransom of Rs 50 lakh. Moin Khan, 32-year-old, resident of Banaswadi along with his two auto-rickshaw driver friends, Mubarak (30) and Ayaz (35) were nabbed by the Banaswadi police. The accused, Moin was unhappy with his father and uncle as they did not make him a part of the family hotel business which made him commit the crime.

The crime scene

Moin's father and his uncle Javed are hoteliers and runs a popular restaurant in Bengaluru. On Saturday (November 30) afternoon, Ayaz and Mubarak went to Javed's house in a car and waited for him to go out. After he left the house, the duo called his son asking him for the directions of Javed's hotel as they brought the grocery supplies.

The duo requested the boy to accompany them as they did not know the address. As soon as the boy got inside the car they abducted him and took him to a hideout near KG Halli, in the city. They then called Javed and told him that his son has been kidnapped and will only be released if he pays Rs 50 lakh ransom.

At first, Javed did not believe them but the duo sends him a photo of his son and threatened him to pay the ransom amount within 12 hours. Javed rushed to Banaswadi police station along with Moin and filed a complaint.

How city police rescued kidnapped boy

Bengaluru City Police
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The police immediately formed three teams to nab the abductors and started checking the call records of Javed's phone. Moin was caught redhanded by the police after they checked the call record when they found that someone inside the station was in touch with the kidnappers. He was trying to mislead the investigation with false information. Upon interrogation, Moin confessed the crime and revealed where his cousin was being held captive.

The police team dressed in plain clothes swarmed the area, where the boy was being held during the wee hours on Sunday, December 1 and caught the miscreants. Mubarak tried to escape the police and attacked a head constable with a machete. The police open fired at his leg for self-defence and caught him and rescued the boy.