Bangalore drunk driver case
Bengaluru City Police/Facebook

A 30-year-old man in Bengaluru was driving under influence of alcohol on a Thursday night. In a horrifying instance, he drove into two vehicles a car and scooter waiting at the signal and the biker died on the spot. 

The Bengaluru police have arrested the businessman driving the SUV. The accident occurred at 8:50 pm. 

Drunk driver kills a bike rider

The terrible road accident on Thursday night took place at the Richmond Signal in Bengaluru at 8:50 pm. An SUV driven by a drunk driver identified as 30-year-old Rohith Kedia crashed into a car and a scooter at the signal.

The driver of the scooter, a 23-year-old man named Kiran died on the spot, he was a peon at an insurance firm and was on his way home when he met with the accident. The accused Kedia, had been partying at ITC Gardenia through the afternoon having consumed alcohol and had left the hotel at 8:30 pm.

Kedia is the owner of a garment factory, he drove straight into the scooter which then was sandwiched with another car belonging to Srikanth who also sustained a leg fracture in the accident. A crowd gathered following the accident, and the police arrived, arresting Rohith Kedia.

Kedia's blood alcohol levels were recorder and his samples were also sent to FSL to see whether he had taken drugs. He has been booked under IPC section 304 for culpable homicide.

The Bengaluru police tweeting about the incident said, "At around 8:50 pm yesterday, near Richmond signal due to drinking and driving, a car hit a two-wheeler driver and resulted in the death of the driver. The court ordered judicial custody of the car driver. Drinking and driving accidents can land people in jail."