CCB drug bust

The Bengaluru city police have been cracking down on the drug racket in the city and the state. On Friday, the CCB arrested two individuals in the city for the possession of drugs such as Marijuana jelly, LSD and ecstasy.

This is one of the many cases that the CCB has busted in the past week alone. With the ongoing probe into the Sandalwood drug racket, the new clampdown has surprised the public.

CCB busts two more drug peddlers

With the Sandalwood drug racket causing a media storm in Karnataka, the CCB has come down hard on the drug racket in Karnataka. On Friday, the CCB made two more arrests of drug peddlers.

The accused in Bengaluru have been found in possession of marijuana-laced jelly, LSD and Ecstacy pills. While the amount of drugs seized is unspecified, Joint Commissioner Sandeep Patil told ANI, "Two drug peddlers arrested in Bengaluru and ecstasy tablets, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) and marijuana-laced jelly seized from them."

In the mission to make Bengaluru a drug-free city, the police have been working hard at uncovering the drug network. On Thursday, the city police arrested a man for selling 'brown sugar' as Sai Baba's 'prasad' in small packets. The 25-year-old Vikram Khileri had been living in Bengaluru and was arrested through a decoy when he came to sell 90 gm of the drugs at the City Market. 

On Thursday, in another case, the city police arrested three drug peddlers who were in possession of 90 kgs of ganja. The Karnataka Police also uncovered a marijuana field in Chitradurga recently which had been cultivating the plant and seized 9,872 kgs of the drug worth 4.02 crores of rupees.

As the investigation into the drugs racket in the state continues, it wouldn't be wrong to expect more such cases in the coming weeks and months.