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A Bengaluru doctor from Rajarajeswari Nagar killed his mother and sister and attempted to kill himself in a suicide pact. The doctor, Dr S Govinda Prakash (48), had administered high levels of insulin to his mother Mookambika (78) and sister Shyamala (46) and then tried to commit suicide. He is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The trio was found lying motionless on Saturday morning by Prakash's father Subbaraya Bhat. He immediately informed friends and relatives. A doctor, who is a friend of the family, rushed to the spot and said that the two ladies were dead but there were signs of life in Prakash. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Bhat said that Prakash had given him two sleeping pills the night before saying that Bhat's snores were too loud.

Bhat went on to say that he was not aware of the pact between his wife and children. He also said that his wife and children were suffering from health issues. His wife had a severe back pain while his children, both had a migraine.

"I moved to this house in 2002 and all was fine until my wife started suffering from back pain. Around the same time, my son and daughter complained of a severe headache which was a migraine. My children had to take six tablets a day while the wife took four," Bhat told The Times of India.

Moreover, Bhat's wife was also depressed because her son was still not married and her daughter was divorced.

A suicide note in Kannada left behind by the three of them said, 'We are committing suicide and no one is responsible for it.'

The TOI report claims that the trio had attempted to kill themselves two years ago. Prakash had bought cyanide for them to consume but last minute cold feet did not allow them to go through it.