A video of a civil dressed policeman hitting two Muslim youth is making the rounds on Twitter and WhatsApp groups. This is yet another instance of police using excessive force on defenceless teenagers, which was uncalled for. 

The incident took place in the Hebbal - Sahakar Nagar area of Bengaluru city on Friday. 

Cop thrashes teenage boys

In the video, it shows that two teenage Muslim boys are being abused by a civil dressed police officer. The officer is heard saying that boys are lying, and ordered them to hunch down. The police officer then kicked one of the boys on his face - all the while verbally abusing them.

Though, for now, it couldn't be assessed what mistake did the boys commit to warrant such aggressive actions by the police, it was apparent from the clippings that it wasn't related to violating mandatory wearing of face masks as directed by the state government. Many people standing at the location could be seen not wearing the masks.

As for possible flouting of social distancing norm, it would again be a dichotomous proposition, given that many others stood at the location without wearing masks and watched youths being thrashed.

International Business Times, India, tried contacting the DCP of the area, but couldn't establish any communication as of this writing. In the meantime, more information about the incident cropped up, which suggests the teens belonged to the Padarayanapura area, which has been sealed off ever since mob violence broke out in the area. However, local sources informed us that Imran Pasha, Corporator, intervened in the matter to rescue the two teens who got beaten up in Sahakar Nagar and have them checked at the hospital. 

Medical report
Medical report

The medical record states one of the teens sustained injury over the lower and upper limbs, forehead, and forearm. Padarayanapura corporator Imran Pasha confirmed to IBTimes India that the teens were beaten up because they belonged to Padarayanapura. He further stated that the commissioner has assured that strict action will be taken in this matter. 

Bystander beats up teens

Few seconds in the video and it can be seen that one of the bystanders who was carrying a wooden plank starts hitting the boys too. It was only after the intervention by another police officer that the man retreats.

Police brutality

People on Twitter are calling out police brutality as a bit too much given that the two youths appear to be minor and not done any grave mistakes.

Incidents of police brutality on people violating the lockdown have seen a huge surge as scores of videos of police thrashing people are being posted on social media recently.

Demand for acting against cop

Many have criticized the excessive use of force by the police uncalled for and have asked the government to take action against such brute officers.

The third phase of the nationwide lockdown has now been extended till May 17 with some relaxation for essential services sectors. The relaxation, however, is only meant for the non-containment zone.

Hebbal is not under the red zone and falls under the non-containment zone, which means there's no restriction on movement from 7 am till 7 pm. This eliminates any possibility that the teens were violating Section 144 order. 

As of on Friday, the state has recorded 41 new cases of COVID 19 taking the total number of coronavirus cases to 794, according to the state Health Department.