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Boy hangs self, was depressed over not being elected as class leader(Representational Image)Creative Commons

In a heartbreaking incident that took place in Bengaluru, a 14-year-old boy is said to have killed himself at his Rajarajeshwarinagar home on Tuesday, July 10, night. The boy was reportedly upset that he wasn't elected as the class leader in his school.

The class 9 student of Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School lived with his mother, who said he was depressed over the position of the class leader.

"The election was a month ago. There were four contenders in the fray, and my son was confident of a victory. But a classmate was chosen. My son was not happy as he thought he had all the qualities of a leader and there was no reason to reject him," the Times of India quoted R Divya, the boy's mother as saying.

She explained that the school had announced the class leaders of four sections of Class eight, nine and 10. On June 10, the leaders were alloted their tasks during a programme, after which the teen was very unhappy. She added that he did not even go out to play and she thought that he would get over it in a day or two.

However, on July 9, the Bengaluru boy locked himself in his room around 10.30 pm and even refused to eat. "After I finished dinner, I knocked on his door. I became anxious when there was no response for a while. A neighbour came and we forcibly opened the door to find my son hanging from the ceiling," she added.

He was then brought down and rushed to a nearby hospital, but he was declared brought dead.

However, the school has said that the election was not what pushed the boy to kill himself.

Speaking of the incident, a relative said that the boy's father had also taken his own life when the boy was in UKG. He had reportedly seen his father hanging.