Bengaluru traffic police
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A motorist from Bengaluru was fined Rs 17,000 on Tuesday evening for violating multiple traffic rules, after new penalties under the amended Motor Vehicle Act, 2019, were imposed. 

The Kumaraswamy Layout traffic police fined a biker, Akash, who was caught near KSIC College Junction signal at Raghuvanahalli. Akash and his friend were fined for riding on a Vespa scooter in a drunken state and without helmets. 

The offender also did not have his driving license when he was caught. The traffic police imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and Rs 5,000 for riding without a licence. A penalty of Rs 2,000 against both the riders was also imposed for not wearing helmets.

The police seized Akash's scooter and issued a challan to him which he had to pay at a court on Wednesday. All offenders need to go to court to pay penalty except for the common offences.

In another incident in Odisha, an auto-rickshaw driver from Bhubaneshwar was fined with Rs 47,500 for traffic violations under the new MV Act. He had bought a second-hand auto-rickshaw a week before the incident and had paid Rs 26,000 for it. The highest fine paid so far is from Gurugram, where a trolley driver was fined Rs 59,000 under 10 offences of the MV Act.