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One of the most common complaints commuting Bengalureans have is about the autowallas in the city and the exorbitant rates they demand. However, one particular auto driver, Munnesa Managuli, refuses to follow the general trend. He doesn't charge passengers who are pregnant or have recently delivered a baby. The 42-year-old also gives free rides to differently-abled commuters and soldiers.

A Twitter user, Hatinder Singh shared a picture of Managuli and his inspiring story on the social networking platform.

Managuli is a BA graduate from Karnataka but lost his job after completing his study and decided to drive an auto to make a living. While earning an honest day's work, Managuli also offers free transport to select passengers. Additionally, he pays a daily rent of Rs 250 for the auto.

I have clearly written to whom I offer free service. They can contact me on this below-given numbers. Many people have my number. If I am coming from a hospital, I carry such people and drop them either to their homes, bus stand or railways stations as per their needs [sic]," Managuli said, while speaking to Hindu.

As per reports, he started giving free service to people in 2015. Managuli recalls an incident from 1992 when he saw a pregnant woman die in Narayanapura village because there was no vehicle to take her to the hospital. The auto driver is also known to readily help people in need even if it is in the odd hours, according to Scoopwhoop.

Managuli maintains a log and as per this book, he has helped over 2000 people so far!

One Twitter user commented on Singh's post by saying: "Very cool, worth noting. Humanitarians are Life's un-sung hero's. Only those whom the deeds are done ever see them. And to ask for no glory! There is the truth, to give and not expect returns. that IS Charity defined. [sic]"

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