Actress Juhi Parmar, who gained fame from her TV show Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, is returning once again on TV. Juhi will be seen in the show Hamari Wali Good News which will air from 20th October. The story revolves around a mother-in-law, Renuka where she conceives a child for her daughter-in-law, who cannot get pregnant.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes Juhi Parmar spoke at length about her role in the show Hamari Wali Good News, shooting for 12 hours, how has TV changed over the years and even now the actress can't leave her daughter with anyone else.


Juhi Parmar

Coming back to daily soap and grind after long? How does it feel?

Honestly, it is taxing. Daily soaps have never been easy, and especially the beginning is always challenging because the team is new; there is no bank which needs to be created. However, it feels great to be back on sets, and I can never complain about working because I love to work.

Tell us about your character in the show!

Renuka is a strong-headed, God-fearing, fun-loving housewife who goes to the extent of having a child for her daughter in law, a thought that is so noble and yet so challenging. Being a mother in real life, I know that even the thought of my child being with someone else, makes my heartbeat literally stop.

Juhi Parmar

What are the precautions that you are taking as you have a daughter at home?

I am on sets for 12 hours as we are constantly sanitizing and ensuring that the environment is clean and virus free. Daily temperature and oxygen checks have become a part of the routine besides making sure that as soon as I come, I shower and ensure that nothing from the outside is entering my house.

With the rising number of cases are you scared to shoot!

Yes, it is scary, but I guess life has moved on and we have all learned that the virus is not going anywhere.

How had TV changed over the years?

I think TV has a lot more competition today than it did before. Primetime hours are longer, there are a lot more channels, and then the web has opened up another stream of content, giving the viewers so much choice. Earlier, there never was so much choice for a consumer.

What shows do you watch with your daughter?

I try to avoid screen time, especially now when her classes are online, which is unavoidable. On weekends, we may watch a cartoon film of her choice, Frozen being her favourite.

Considering the current scenario, would you opt for a pay cut?

Not, every actor in the industry, has taken a pay cut? To each, it is own, but somewhere the current pandemic may be a reason for some setbacks, but our stock markets are soaring, and economies have bounced back.

Are you planning to foray into films?

I would love to. However, it's not the medium but rather the work that challenges me, excites me and makes me say yes.