Popular singer, host, actor Aditya Narayan is all set to get married to his long time girlfriend,, Shweta Agarwal in December, Ever since the news broke out fans and fraternity are congratulating him for the new inning in his life. However, Aditiya is unhappy with the way media has reported and misconstrued his finances and churned out numerous articles stating that the singer is bankrupt. 

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Aditya Narayan poured his heart out and shared how the viral news of bankruptcy created a huge impact on his personal life,  how are the wedding preparations going and what made him get married in 2020.


Aditya Naryan

On bankruptcy news

It was an old interview that was used now. And linked to my wedding news. I remember I had given the interview when I was promoting the song Tere Bagair in the month of a month and a half ago, when the cases were high and the government was planning to reopen malls, and the shoot was about to begin, So, the reporter generally asked me how do I react with the decision about offices being re-opened and shooting being resumed amid pandemic and I gave an answer looking at the current scenario on how lockdown has affected livelihood and has made it difficult for all of us. I generally mentioned that I have bought a new apartment before the lockdown so being celebrity even, I have to think about EMIs and if pandemic extends for a longer period all of us have to suffer some way.

Aditya Narayan

He went to say,

It's been 25 years since I am working in this industry. And I am not paid 5k or 10 k and its not that I don't get work. Evern during the lockdown I  did couple of  virtual shows there are social media tie-ups and promotions. What I meant was, the financial crisis is for all of us, if I am managing my finances, imagine how a middle-class person must have managed his finances. A daily wage worker had to go through a lot. The pandemic has been tough for every for me, you, middle class, production people. We all have to run our houses. We have to pay our staff as well. And by God grace's if I have any issue my family is there. And never have I said that I am 'bankrupt'. 

Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan
Neha Kakkar, Aditya NarayanInstagram

On irresponsible reporting

The way media has made my news viral, I hope they would have focussed on real news like suicides, rapes, farmer issue, covid cases and many other things. It very irresponsible to link my old interview twisting it and linking it with my marriage. I wish certain media people and houses understand this. I know there is this click bit system and a huge competition to make your news the best., but least verify the news with me before reporting. Not all media people are like this. And I have no complaints. We are also human beings, we also have families and relatives. Imagine what my in-laws would have thought about me after reading the news. Thankfully Shweta knows me and its been 9 years of our togetherness, so she understands how media functions.

I can't understand why cant media simply write, 'I am getting married to Shweta', they will twist and write 'I am not marrying Neha Kakkar but Shweta', or they write 'Neha Kakkar is not marrying Aditiya but Rohatpreet'. I understand you have to make juicy headlines but yeh kya hai?Aise toh meri shadi 7 crore girls see nai ho rahi hai sab ka naam liko. I am a very private person since I was a kid my parents have instilled certain values in me and I know how the industry functions it is just that I don't speak about my personal life, I am shy and reserved in real life so these things doesn't affect me.

Aditya Narayan, Shweta Agarwal

Does your link-ups bother Shweta?

I have told Shweta that mere pe thoda 5-10 per cent zyada bharosa karna after marriage, (laughs). Because a lot is written about our personal life.  This is the part and parcel of a celebrity's life.

Why did he agree to marry in 2020?

 It is been 9 years since we have known each other, we have been with each other through highs and lows, thick and thin. This year 2020 has been tough for all of us and this and taught us a lot, therefore we decided to take nuptial vows this year. Life is short and when we are happy with each other, and are families are ready , we are ready so why to wait? This is the best time to step into a new life.

Aditya Narayanan

On the wedding preparations

The preparations are going on well. As far as the guest list is concerned we will be calling  approx 50-60 guests for our wedding. Looking at the current scenario in Mumbai and rising cases we might cut short the guest list. All that we want is that everyone stays safe and enjoy our wedding. To those who will not be able to attend our wedding  we will be doing few rituals over zoom call. And marriage is just a formality for us, it is like we are officially signing the paper.