Model turned actor Rahul Dev has worked in Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil and Telugu films. He was also part of Bigg Boss 10. The actor has carved a niche for himself by doing action-packed roles and high octane stunts. After his successful stint in films, he is seen in be series. The latest series that he is part of is Poison 2, which is streaming on ZEE 5.

On the personal work, the actor was married to Reena. However, he lost her due to cancer. The couple had been married for 11 years and have a son. At the moment, Rahul is happily married to Mugdha Godse, and their social media pictures will reinstate your faith in love and marriage.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Rahul Dev in a tête-à-tête with International Business Times, India poured his heart out and shared how he battled the toughest phase in his life, the importance of mental health, why he gave up coffee and his role in Poison 2.

Rahul and Mugdha

Excerpts from the heart to heart conversation

Rahul Dev

On Mental health day

The best way to keep your mind, sane and calm is mediation. I have experienced it. I got married to my girlfriend (Reena Dev) at a very young age, she had cancer, and I lost her in May 2009. From parting away of your partner to single parenting, it was the toughest phase of my life. That time I met my master and guruji who helped me heal. He got me into mediation, and he gave me a chant. Its been seven years and I am practising it regularly. So I know it for the fact that a routine in life helps you combat everything. If you are lazy and you sleep and get up at any time of the day, then you feel sick mentally. Always have a routine in life. Exercise, eat well. I don't have any whey protein or processed food. My master used to tell me every habit be it good or bad takes 3 weeks to adapt to your body. If someone has excess coffee or chocolate for 21 days and one fine day you suddenly try to reduce it, then your body starts to crave. So always imbibe a good and healthy habit. From a bad day at work to a fall out with your partner, you can overcome everything.

Rahul Dev

Giving up coffee

My position was coffee. And now its been six days and I have given up coffee. I am a teetotaller. Therefore, I don't crave for it. I just challenged myself to quit coffee. I like coffee and was an expresso drinker. And now I have replaced it with Chamomile tea. The most striking part is Chamomile tea is a nerve soother while coffee gives you that extra boost and punch. I am shooting every day, and that too action sequences, from sword fighting to horse riding and you need energy for all of that. I wanted to challenger myself and quit coffee while I was shooting and not when I was at home. There should be something challenging in life. After going through so much after 2009 till four years, these things are trivial. 

Rahul Dev

You are shooting since June, and COVID cases are rising, does it scare you? 

I take all the precautions possible. I wear a mask, hand gloves, I sanitise. Yes, I know fear is there. However, I am following the learned people on Twitter, especially  Kiran Mazumdar (Chairperson of Biocon) I had reached out to her when my wife (Reena Dev) had cancer. When I watch them speak, they say that any virus comes to us once. Like any viral infection or malaria, dengue, we all have it once. Eventually, everyone will get the virus. Nobody wants to get affected. It's not like cancer, it a virus.

Tell us about your ongoing show Poison 2?

The only thing I did was I adjusted my dates. I have a minimal role in Poison. But the narrative is quite interesting, and the people who are associated with the show I know them very well.