Bengali beauty Raima Sen comes from a lineage of filmi family.  She is Moon Moon Sen's daughter and granddaughter of actress Suchitra Sen. However, the actress has carved a niche for herself in Bengali as well as Bollywood industry. She is known for her acting prowess in films like Daman, Godmother, Choker Bali, to name a few.

Raima has also forayed into a webspace. Her last outing on digital was in the show 'Love, Sleep, Repeat'. She is now seen in 'Diagnosis of love' which is the fourth short film from the anthology of film-series on ZEE5 called Forbidden Love. Written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Raima is seen saying the role of Mahesh's wife in the film.

In a free-wheeling conversation with IBTimes, India, Raima Sen gave us a rundown of how her early years have been in the showbiz, her idea of love and dating, and short film 'Forbidden Love'.

Raima Sen

Excerpts from the interview

About her role in the short film Diagnosis of Love (Forbidden Love)

In this series, there are a couple of short films, and I play the role of Mahesh Manjrekar's wife. This is an entirely different story. There are various layers in my character and needless to say working with Mahesh Manjrekar has been delightful.

Raima Sen

What's your take on the swipe left / right generation of dating?

Love has a lot of emotions. There is passion, jealously, togetherness, warmth everything. Talking about the relationship that we see now, I feel these days people don't have patience. During my parents' generation staying together was different. In the end, love conquers everything.

Raima Sen

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has caused a stir worldwide, what's your take?

I don't want to comment. We can't judge, because we were not present there. People should reserve their negativity. All I want to say is we should wait for the outcome.

Raima Sen

Your journey has been a mixed bag comprising of Bengali cinema and Bollywood?

I wasn't planning to get into acting. I was in class 12th when I did my first film Godmother. After which I was offered a lot of roles, then I did films like Daman, Choker Bali. It's been an excellent career graph for me, I have worked in Bengali films as well as Bollywood. It is not I went any extra mile to bag the role, one followed another.

Raima Sen

The content of Bengal cinema is different Bollywood cinema, do you agree?

I feel both industries are similar. And now I see a vast difference in Bollywood content. A lot of films in Bollywood have a social message. The mushy romance was there during my grandmother era. Now I see there is so much more. For instance, I like Gunjan Saxena; there were so many things that I didn't know.