Cute and petite actress Shweta Tripathi garnered accolades for her performance films like Masaan, Haraamkhor and many more. Her career reached new heights when she wowed fans and critics with her acting prowess in Mirzapur. The actress can't thank her stars enough for being the only actor to be working throughout the lockdown as she had three back to back releases namely, Raat Akeli Hai (Netflix), The Gone Game (Voot Select), Cargo (Netflix).

And now, Shweta is on cloud nine as Mirzapur Season 2 will premiere on October 23, 2020.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Shweta Tripathi poured her heart out and shared how blessed she is to be working throughout the pandemic; her take on social media negativity and the big reveal Mirzapur 2, what's in store for the forthcoming season and more.

Shweta tripathi

On the success of her latest web film Cargo

When I was offered the film Cargo, I was quite thrilled and excited as it was a different genre. I have always done drama, travel stories. Cargo as a concept and theme was so thrilling and wonderful to be part of. We shot the film in a tight budget but the hard work that all of us have put in is immense.

As the film talks about the law of karma and life after death, what is your take?

I would like to believe that whatever time we live on this earth, we should always do good. And as it's shown in the film, there is a cycle to everything in life. There is a dialogue in the movie that says, "koi hamesha ke liye gayab nai hota".

Shweta Tripathi on mirzapur

On Mirzapur 2

Ever since we have wrapped up the shoot of Mirzapur our excitement level has been over the top.  We would party post our pack up. The party would start at 10 PM and wrap up at wee hours. We have given our sweat and blood to the show. Personally, for me, Golu has been one of the most complex characters that I have essayed as I am nowhere close to Golu in real life. In a few days the trailer will also be out. 

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On social media negativity

Social media is a platform to voice our opinions and like Spiderman said, "With power comes responsibility". It's very important to realise that a single tweet and comment can affect someone's personal or professional life. Stand up for what you believe in but fact-checking is extremely essential. The kind of information that we are getting is only 5 to10 per cent. We should be open to change as nobody knows what the truth is. Respect for each other's personal and professional life is important. Social media has given us power let's use the power to create things.

Shweta tripathi in Mirzapur as Golu Gupta
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On drugs nexus in Bollywood

I personally believe that, it is all a demand and supply game. News channels are showing a certain thing because the viewers are watching it.  It's like what you watch you will get. Open your mind. The world needs love. Even if someone has done wrong, what is the proof? and if there is a proof toh galti hogaye, alcohol drugs or whatever, this is the second level problem. The first level problem is why did the person feel the need to do that? because as a society that is where we fail.  Without being biased, we should help each other out.

An issue that you would like the country and the media should raise a concern?

There is global warming that no one is talking about. Media has that power and if they speak about it, it will create an impact. I urge everyone to reuse and recycle. Switch off the electricity when not required. Carry your own water so you don't buy water.