Shweta Tripathi

Cute, bubbly and full of life Shweta Tripathi started her career very young in Disney Channel's television show 'Kya Mast Hai Life' in 2009. Shweta's breakthrough role came in 'Masaan' (2015) opposite Vicky Kaushal. Over the years, she has starred in critically acclaimed films such as 'Haraamkhor', 'Gone Kesh', and 'Mehandi Circus' (Tamil) and many more. After this, Shweta successfully forayed into web space and has been part of popular series like 'TVF Tripling season 2,' 'Made in Heaven,' 'Laakhon Mein Ek season 2,' and 'Mirzapur.'

On the personal front, the Mirzapur actor is happily married to slow Cheetah (Chaitanya Sharma) and managing her personal and professional life well. Recently, she has also featured in a video with her husband. 

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Shweta Tripathi spills the beans on the latest update about Mirzapur season 2,  how has her journey been in the industry, how life has changed post marriage, and much more.

Shweta Tripathi

Excerpts from the Interview:

On what parameters does she choose a character and why isn't she drawn towards commercial cinema,

I never thought that I would be an actor. My dad is an IAS officer, and my mother is a teacher. For us, education was of prime importance. I never consciously came to Mumbai to act. I came here for an internship, and things started falling in place one after another. When i got my first break, I had in mind the character that I am portraying, I usually play essays characters that are not what I am in real life. Most important, the role needs to be impactful, meaningful and the term of heroine never intrigues me.

On her latest web show, Raat AKeli Hai's trailer loved by critics and fans, how her equation has strengthened with Nawaazudin over the years,

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was my co-star in (Haarmakhor) that was when I started my career in Bollywood, I was new to a lot many things, and he had played a significant part in the way I choose my projects. I have learned a lot from him just by watching him, talking to him. He is a mentor, guide and an actor I always look upto.

If she resonates to any of the on-screen characters,


I am nowhere close to any of the characters I have portrayed on-screen. For instance, the role of Dr Shreya from Laakhon Mein Ek is so varied, so powerful, or be it Golu from Mirzapur; she is rebellious, independent and different from what I am in real life. I am not as fearless as Golu is, and my life is very simple and straightforward.

On Mirzapur 2's release date,


Honestly, I even don't know when the show is going to stream, but yes, we have started to dub with all the necessary precautions in place. I can only say that Mirzapur 2 will be all the more intriguing, riveting and intense.

On her husband  Cheetah being a fan of her work and his favourite show of Shweta,


He loves Mirzapur and the other day when I went for dubbing; he wished me luck saying I am part of one of the most loved shows. It's so lovely to have a partner who values and appreciates your work. I remember last year when I was shooting for Mirzapur 2, Cheetah had come on the set and he somehow got to know the spoiler (laughs), since then he tells me not to share anything that I dubbed or shot for. 

On how Mirzapur has her life changed,

Shweta Tripathi

For all of us working in Mirzapur, we all have such varied and diverse roles, and we all have put in our best be it Guddu's role, or Rasika's character or be Munna's act everyone has done an excellent job. I am so fortunate to be part of one of the biggest show.

 Relationship advises to millennials,

Shweta Tripathi

Never think about what the society says, I remember when I was about to get married two years ago, people said, "I am doing good in my career, why am I getting married?" I would just like to say; it is your personal choice to get married early or late. If you find a partner who motivates you, understands you, values you, and accepts you for the way you are, then it is upon you to decide.