The Beast- Cadillac One limousine
U.S. President Barack Obama's presidential Cadillac limousine, referred to as The BeastREUTERS/Jim Bourg

After months of speculations, US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met on Tuesday, June 12, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore. On the sidelines of the historic meeting, Trump found time to show off 'The Beast,' the presidential limousine that comes with gazillions of safety features.

After meetings, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were spotted approaching former's black limousine aka as the Cadillac One, adorned with an American flag. The presidential limousine is based on the Cadillac DTS and it has been equipped with many life-saving, offensive, and defensive measures. Trump gestured to the car and then a Secret Service agent opened the right passenger door for Kim to take a rare glimpse inside.

What could have been the reason for Kim to show interest in checking out The Beast? Well, there are many. We have a compiled a list of 10 facts that tells why 'the Beast' unique.

1. The current Cadillac One is powered by a Duramax 6.6-litre, super-charged V8 diesel engine. Though it is styled in line with Cadillac DTS it gets a truck chassis in order to support the heavy weight of the car due to armouring.

2. The bodywork on The Beast is said to be at least 5-inch thick armour made out of the combinations of dual-hardness steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic. This makes the Cadillac One significantly heavy at 14,000 pounds (Around 6350kg).

3. For obvious safety reasons, The Beast's doors have no keyholes. Secret Service agents are the only people who know how to open the presidential limousine's passenger doors.

4. The interior of the Cadillac one believed to be safe even at the event of a chemical attack. It also has a special automatic-lock safety system that seals off the entire car in case of an emergency situation.  The Cadillac One gets 2+3+2 conference-style interior seat layout.

5. When it comes to defence equipment, the Cadillac One has night vision cameras that will help the driver to cruise even without its headlights on. It also flaunts rocket-propelled grenades, a tear gas cannon and pump-action shotguns.

The Beast Cadillac One
A man polishes the Presidential state car, also known as 'Cadillac One' or 'The Beast', at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden, prior to the arrival of former US President Barack Obama in his Air Force One airplane on September 4, 2013ERIK MARTENSSON/AFP/Getty Images

6. The armour-plated fuel tank of The Beast repels bullets. The fuel tank is also filled with a special foam that prevents it from exploding even if it sustains a direct hit.

7. The limousine has its own life support unit including oxygen supply and it is equipped with the President's blood in case of an attack.

8. Tires are one of the weakest links of a car during an attack but not in The Beast. The tires are specially designed to withstand any sort of attack. The Kevlar-reinforced tires are shred and puncture-resistant. The car also has steel rims and a run-flat device that will keep it moving even if there is a tire failure.

9. The driver of The Beast is not just a regular chauffeur. The driver is CIA agent specially-trained for driving in challenging situations to regular types of mechanical break-downs. The driver is also trained to handle any emergency that may come up.

10. The US Secret Service destroys the presidential car after it gets decommissioned.  The tradition has been started after 9/11 attack to prevent their secrets from being known to outside parties.