NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys
NSYNC vs Backstreet BoysInstagram

Trust Twitter to amuse you, puzzle you and sometimes drag you into some of the most overdone conversations. And the latest discussion, indulging everyone on Twitter turned out to be exactly that. We all woke up to the tweeting platform divided over who's better – Backstreet Boys or NSYNC. There has always been something about these boybands that the world doesn't seem to have enough of. The comparisons, battles and virtual fanfare over these bands is reaching a new apex with each new track. And the ongoing debate sums it up pretty well.

While many proclaimed Backstreet Boys as the numero uno, there were many who voted for NSYNC. Let's take a look at some of the tweets.

Twitter explodes!

BADDIE FLEX @Tosci_Marie said, "I'm sorry but if you was not even 7 when either one of their first albums came out, you can't possibly say one is greater than the other. BSB are legendary and I will not tolerate the disrespect. They both gave us albums full of hits honey." (sic)

CJ @CJ_JunesMani reasoned, "Easy. NSYNC was superior, if we're being truly honest. NSYNC were much better dancers and had amazing harmony and voices. They just don't have the longevity as the Backstreet Boys or the hype. Also, no one is out-singing JC in either group." (sic)

Wolfblood Witch Of The West @wildwitchwest opined, "NSYNC had straight up bops that didn't need to go that hard but a lot of forgettable songs on their albums and BSB had the Savage Garden boyband-love-song thing down packed so they get overlooked. i like hard pop more so im biased towards NSYNC, but BSB did /that/" (sic)

Rae The Writer @WriteAsRae argued, "NSYNC gave y'all 2 dry albums and ONE classic. The BSB gave y'all music that is still being played and put in soundtracks TODAY. Walk of Fame first. Classic videos. STILL SELLING OUT TOURS. The VOCALS. NSYNC was only Timberpiss and JC singing off key. The BSB would MASSACRE them." (sic)

beeboop3399 @beeboop3399 said, "Hard disagree. Especially when it came to harmonies/singing. If nsync didn't have JC they'd have nothing. Everyone in bsb were great singers, especially AJ and Brian at his his peak. Like damn, even most the guys in 98 degrees could genuinely out-sing the guys in nsync any day." (sic)