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The obsession around Danny DeVito seems far from dying down, more so in 2020. After being in the trends for various viral content, memes and gifs; the man is back, strutting it on Twitter and how! The craze and popularity around the Matilda actor is reaching ridiculous heights, one tweet at a time. With the latest example of that being the world waking up to Danny Devito trending!

The question that started it all!

It apparently started when a certain Jules (@Julian_Epp) threw a question involving celebrities (including Kermit) and asked which two would the Twitterati pick to defend them? What soon happened was pretty much unexpected! Beating all odds and some obvious picks; majority went with the cult sensation – Danny! It probably could be the nostalgia and the 'cool' ness of the veteran actor that has contributed to him being in the trends more often than not.

As interesting was the question, the answers and the awesome logic that were coming in were equally funny and brilliant. Let's take a look at some of them.

The answers that got him trending!

Sorcerer SupMeme had an interesting take, "30 Danny DeVitos and 2 Dwayne The Rock Johnsons. Allow me to elaborate. Bernie is pretty old, The Rocks can handle them. Ellen is not a fighter, she's down by default. The Don Cheadles would prove to be an issue but with the sheer amount of DeVitos, they could take them." (sic)

Jon Sprague reasoned, "the rock and danny. kermit is literally a puppet event if theres 50 of him, ellen is an elf wannabe so shes nothing, john might stand a chance but not against the dannies, don is young but not fit enough to stand against the rock, berrnie is old old (hate to say it but its true)" (sic)

The Ninja of Questionable Ethics went a step ahead and said, "This fight actually happened

That's why there is one Rock and one Danny." (sic)

Joe William Bowles II also had a solid reasoning and said, "2 Rocks and 30 Devitos

15 Bernies would blame the rich

1 Ellen Couldn't do anything without someone hiding in a box to jump out and bully someone

7 Cheadles is learning lines

5 Papas Ate too much

50 Kermits Distracted by one Miss Piggy

12 Nathans 10 NinjasFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Seriously? Face with tears of joy" (sic)

Eric --Sir Generic of Nowhere Important-- Allen said, "2.5 Danny Devitos could stop a nuclear blast. With 30 of them on my side, I could conquer all of time and space. The 50 Kermits could spend their time watching TV and arguing about which one of them gets to break it to Miss Piggy that they've been cloned."