Baazaar Review: KRK boycotts Saif Ali Khan's film for THIS reason!
Baazaar Review: KRK boycotts Saif Ali Khan's film for THIS reason!YouTube Screenshot and PR Handout.

Saif Ali Khan's film Baazaar has opened to mixed reviews by film critics and audiences on October 26 in cinemas. While some people have liked the film for its twists and turns, others think it is juvenile and not written for contemporary cinemagoers.

There is one self-proclaimed film critic who tells it like it is and has his own fan following. His name is Kamaal Rashid Khan, more famous as KRK. The former Bollywood producer has acted in a movie called Deshdrohi and also appeared on Bigg Boss 3.

KRK is a film critic and gives a really bad rating to movies that don't appeal to his sensibilities, or simply where he does not like the actors who star in the lead. This week's big Bollywood film, Saif Ali Khan's Baazaar, has also been boycotted by KRK for personal reasons.

According to KRK, Saif Ali Khan and his beautiful actress wife Kareena Kapoor Khan had once said in an interview "on national television and in front of the international media" that they do not watch Hindi films. Saif especially doesn't care for Bollywood films, not even his own - according to KRK.

And so, this Dubai-based film critic who also runs an entertainment website to predict box office numbers of a film and often succeeds in his predictions has decided to "boycott" Baazaar! He will not watch it or review it, he says.

KRK asks that if Saif Ali Khan works in Hindi movies and earns a living out of them, why does he hate Hindi movies or the people who speak Hindi or watch Hindi films? KRK says that Saif Ali Khan thinks of himself as a "bahot bada Nawab" and looks down upon those who watch Hindi movies.

"Jo Hindi filmein dekhte hai unhe aap (Saif) 2 rupees people samajhte ho," says KRK of Saif. "Toh Bhaisaab, jab aap khud hee apni film kee izzat nahin karte ho, aap khud hee apni film nahin dekhte ho, toh main apna time kharaab kyun karoon? Main apne paise kharch karke aapki film kyun dekhoon? Aapko aur zyaada ameer kyun banaoon, taaki aap jaise Hindi film dekhne waale aur Hindi bolne waale ko aur low category samajhe?" asks KRK in his video.

KRK further addresses Saif and informs him that since Hindi is our mother tongue and we are in India, we watch Hindi films. If that makes us "2 rupees people" in his eyes, so be it. KRK appeals to the public and to his fans to not watch any films of Saif Ali Khan.

Take a look at KRK's message for Saif Ali Khan and the Baazaar team.

It seems KRK has over-looked the other actors toplining Baazaar - Radhika Apte, Chitrangda Singh, and late actor Vinod Mehra's son Rohan Mehra who made his Bollywood debut with this film. 

On the personal front, KRK had recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and he earlier said that it is stage 3 cancer and he won't live much longer. After taking a second and third opinion of doctors, KRK revealed that his cancer is first stage and is curable in six months. He recently had collapsed in his Dubai home and was unconscious.