Ramya Krishnan in Baahubali
Ramya Krishnan in BaahubaliYouTube Screenshot

The video song 'Mamathala Thalli' from SS Rajamouli's "Baahubali" has turned out to be a big hit on YouTube with 1.40 million viewers watching it and the track has sparked a serious debate about its story.

The music video of 'Mamathala Thalli' was released on the official channel of "Baahubali" on YouTube on 19 June and it has been viewed by over 1.40 million in seven days. The 1.30-minute clip has got over 7,000 thumbs-up, 465 thumbs-down and 435 comments most of which are positive.

'Mamathala Thalli' has been written by K Shiva Shakti Datta, crooned by Satya Yamini and composed by MM Keeravani. This track has become the most popular one among the seven songs of the audio album of "Baahubali". Its music video features Ramya Krishna, Anushka Shetty, Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and others.

After the trailer of "Baahubali", it was speculated that the story is about an able king and a powerful warrior, the titular Baahubali, who is killed by his greedy step-brother, Bhallala Deva.

After his murder, his son Shivudu, who is brought up in a village, avenges the death of his father by killing Bhallala Deva.

But the music video of "Mamathala Thalli" has given a different direction to the story. In the music video, Ramya Krishnan is seen protecting two babies, while Anushka Shetty is shacked and kept in the prison. This scene has created a serious debate about the story of the film and the viewers are busy making several speculations about the same.

Here are three different speculated stories by the audience.

Sathvik Rachakulla

Ok, I am soo confused, why does Sivagami have two kids in her hands at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsKFRw6wjzY&t=0m06s ? Isn't Sivudu supposed to be the only son of Amarendra Baahubali? at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsKFRw6wjzY&t=0m02s she has only one kid in her hand, which I thought was Sivudu. This means only one thing guys!!! Amarendra Baahubali has twins and prabhas is doing a triple role!!! Baahubali,Sivudu,and one more character which they are not revealing yet!!

Rahul Kuntala

Story might be: Ballaladeva is Sivagami's own son and Bahubali is adopted one and both of them aware of that (see the frame at 0:01, you'll notice there are two babies, one in red cloth and the other in green). She raises both of them equally.

Bahubali excels in everything and does far better than Ballaladeva, so Shivagmi makes Bahubali as king and Ballaladeva probably as senadipati. This makes him envious and evil and at the same time they go for head to head war with Kalkeya (see the frame at 0:53, that both Ballaladeva and Bahubali are fighting against black guys - who belongs to Kalkeya)

And at the end of the war Bahubali and Ballaladeva will be in the upper hand, so Ballaladeva thinks of killing the Bahubali and potrays such that Kalkeya did that out of envy or that he is not able to accept he is loosing (possible because, Bahubali killing scene is in the night. There should not be war in the night -- important rule of war). After that in a few days Ballaladeva wins the war and gets the throne. All these things Shivagami somehow knows and protects Shivudu. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, the song syncs with every frame.

Aditya Praveen

Not sure if this is even close to the plot, but... STILL SPOILER ALERT. Just in case. Anushka is already enslaved by Kaalakeya. Raana and Baahubali are getting ready for war. Notice that Rana and Baahubali are both fighting those men in black (Kaalakeya). This is not a war between the brothers. The brothers are fighting against Kaalakeya together. Atleast in PART ONE.

1st Frame: There's sivagami now. She is the "Epitome of Justice". She is taking Baahubali's kid away after knowing that the baby is in danger (Maybe the news that Baahubali died arrived). The baby's mother is enslaved. Baahubali is dead. Who takes care of the baby now?? SIVAGAMI it is. If you look closely, the servant standing behind Sivagami is holding something. Is that another baby?? Is the baby dead?? Why is the servant looking tensed?

2nd Frame: Notice that there's blood on Sivagami's face in the second frame . She killed some people to rescue the baby (Sivagami making video: She was practicing the killing scene in the same costume), and she's breast-feeding him too. This only shows the greatness of her love. (Mamathala Thalli)

0:15 It looks like Anushka is looking at the chain. But look closely at her hands. She is thinking about her baby. She either misses him or she knows that something's up.

0:33 Sivagami isn't there when Kattappa looks. She is gone. He is praying for their safety. And Guess what?

Last Frame: It is Sivagami who is lifting the baby at the end. Look at the bangle. It is the same bangle she is wearing in the first two frames. She might die in the process of protecting the baby.

FINALLY: Notice the difference in the Tilaks. You will be able to distinguish between the fathers and sons. Snake is son. Sun is father.