Ace director SS Rajamouli's much-talked about epic movie "Baahubali - The Beginning" ("Bahubali") has got rave reviews from the movie-goers at the premiere shows on Thursday night and Friday morning.

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"The Beginning" is the first part of the two-part period drama "Baahubali". Besides writing the story, V Vijayendra Prasad penned the screenplay for the movie in collaboration with SS Rajamouli, Rahul Koda and Madhan Karky. The film is about Shivudu, who is brought up in the forest and his attempt to know about his real identity.

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After having an interesting 15 minutes, "Baahubali - The Beginning" trails for the next 40 minutes. The film picks up the pace towards interval and the second half is quite engaging and gets a never-before-experienced feeling. The climax is extraordinary, say those who watched the film in the premiere shows.

The main highlight of "Baahubali - The Beginning" is the performances by lead actors - Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia and Anushka Shetty.

MM Keeravani's music and background score, KK Senthil Kumar's brilliant camera work, Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing, Peter Hein's choreography of action and war scenes, Sabu Cyril's art direction, Rama Rajamouli's costumes and V Srinivas Mohan's VFX work are all top-notch and on par with the Hollywood standards, as per the viewers.

Hundreds of viewers shared their verdicts on the film. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of 'Baahubali' movie review by audience.

Taran Adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

No storyteller comes close to what SS Rajamouli envisions and executes on screen. #Baahubali is truly a M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E. Every frame, every sequence of #Baahubali is a marvel. Can easily be compared to the best of Hollywood. Has the stamp of a genius. The grandiose sets, VFX, sound, edit, cinematography... most importantly, the watertight screenplay of #Baahubali is beyond fantastic. #Baahubali casting just perfect. Every actor shines in their respective parts. Prabhas and Rana, special mention for you both. Outstanding! A film like #Baahubali makes you proud. An Indian filmmaker dared to dream and the results are for all to see. We take a giant leap. #Baahubali is NOT TO BE MISSED. Today, you may call it a BOX-OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER. Tomorrow, it will be remembered as a CLASSIC.

Sampath ‏@12gsk

Over all it's a good watch and superb execution by Rajamouli, watch it in the biggest screen possible to see its full glory.. #Baahubali

Anand ‏@anandviswajit

#Baahubali Really Awesome Movie, I Never watched this type of work and Quality Film. @ssrajamouli sir Big Salute 4 u. Rating 4.25/5 #Baahubali All Star Performance is Very Good Including #Prabhas & @RanaDaggubati #Sathyaraj played very good role. #Keeravani's BGM awaesom

Prashanthi Anjuri ‏@prashanjuri

Take a bow for tam, rana and supporting cast.. Sorry to say prabhas was pale #Baahubali Adivi Sesh scene as interval bang is want i needed and rest of the film in 2 nd half could have made wonders to the film #Baahubali

GCinemas ‏@GCinemas

#Baahubali Lacklustre first half, engaging second half with a breath taking battle. #Baahubali - Definite watch for the visual effects, nothing much else in the movie. #Baahubali - @ssrajamouli has reached heights in VFX usage in the movie that others have just thought of #Baahubali #SSRajamouli has given way too much importance 2 graphics, visual effects & sets, 2 hide d flaws in d movie and that almost works. #Baahubali #SrinivasMohan's VFX steal the show and by a long way. It makes your jaw drop at least a couple of times.

Santosh ‏@santoshchandu11

Done with #Baahubali. 2nd half is so brilliant. War Sequence and that twist . EE cinema theatre lo enni sarlu chusina Worth everytime.

Salilacharya @Salilacharya

#Bahubali is grand soooo grand ... Ufff takes u on a magical journey .. Wow @tamannaahspeaks is sooo i credibly beautiful .. And #prabhas wowww .. Only halfway thru And wat a background score ... Saw a film in the front row for the first time and lived every minute of it #Bahubali wow Im speechless after watching #Bahubali ... and #prabhas is a god ... its beyond any spectacle u can imagine brilliant And wat a background score ... Saw a film in the front row for the first time and lived every minute of it #Bahubali wow i dnt think im qualified enough to say this but ... u have raised the bar of indian cinema sir wow just wow @ssrajamouli and bro @RanaDaggubati fabulous ur screen prescence is kickass ... #Bahubali i say this once again .. miss #Bahubali at ur own peril .. its raised the bar for indian cinema .. cant wait for the next part #damn fans asking about #AnushkaShetty well u will see her come into her own in the second half #Bahubali but once again screen presence #wow

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Done with first half.. #Goosebumps at some moments.. !! Prabhass... Adhurs... RR top Notch... @mmkeeravaani sir.. _/_ #Baahubali is Must watch film 4 Everyone.VFX,BGM,Camera are outstanding.Kudos to @ssrajamouli,#Prabhas and Team for the Great efforts.#Super

Sangeetha Devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

A hat tip to everyone who worked on #Baahubali The last 20-30 minutes of war sequences & Ramya Krishna were excellent. Gutsy of Anushka Shetty to take on a role where she is all covered in grime. The powerful eyes do the talking. #Baahubali

Ramesh ‏@rameshlaus

#Baahubali 1st half belongs to @tamannaahspeaks - She looks gorgeous and impressive as Warrior Princess. #Baahubali [3.75/5] : An Outstanding Film.. Mighty impressed.. Great Characters.. An interesting storyline.. Grand Visuals.. Top notch Perf! #Baahubali [3.75/5] : #Prabhas rocks as Baahubali.. Highly impressive in war sequences.. Non-stop applause.. 2 yrs of hard work has paid off

Immortan Fadnavis ‏@mihirfadnavis

#Bahubali is pet bhar entertainment. Great escapist fun. Yet again Rajamouli's grand vision meets epic execution. Maza aa gaya bhai.  Also kinda weirdly fun to see Anushka Shetty playing Rakhee from Karan Arjun. From Bommaalee to Mera Beta Aayega. #Bahubali

Harsh Mehta ‏@harshf1

The VFX in the @BaahubaliMovie is OUTSTANDING. Having an amazing time at the premier. .@BaahubaliMovie is a great film. Must watch! The story line up in @BaahubaliMovie is very interesting so far. More tweets to follow. #Baahubali So the @BaahubaliMovie premier in Mumbai has come to an end. Just one word : BLOCKBUSTER. Book your tickets ASAP!

SK Tweets ‏@S_krishna1

The opening sequence visually extraordinary #Baahubali The shot involving of elevating camera on top angle between two pillars when prabhas entered outstanding #Baahubali Anushka gives a surprise twist.Story is gaining momentum for a confrontation #Baahubali A pre interval fight now. Keeravani adds his flavor, as the fight scene reminds us of rajamoulis magadheera to some levels 2nd half starts now with villains showing more villainy Rana showcases his swordplay #Baahubali An unexpected song now-rule. sets & art elements take the cake as prabhas shows flawless emotions And suddenly an incident now. Albeit a tragic one huge fight scene eye fest never before on Indian screen #Baahubali Few twists in the tale. As prabhas becomes a forced hero #Baahubali Ending the movie from where it started in the opening episode (usage of same weapons, location, sentiment etc) #Baahubali

Manishi ‏@endhuku

I hate when people over praise anything. But I cant stop praising this movie. This is incredible fucking high #Baahubali #MuscatPremiereBB That shot! That shot! An Eagle landing on the ground cut into Prabhas with his stretched arms is MASTERPIECE ! Tempo a bit down in the scenes of Devasena as prisoner Interval! Mark down my words. This will stand as classics beside Paathalabhairavi, Maayabazaar My fingers trembling while typing. Such is the happiness and excitement Highlights: First two fights never ever."Maayaram" - hidden kingdom,Rana-Shivudu confrontation scene!,Dheevara

Priya Adivarekar ‏@priyaadivarekar

Squeezed in enough time to catch #Bahubali today! What a grand spectacle. Goes way beyond your usual, entertaining cinema.Kudos @ssrajamouli There are epics & then there is #Bahubali The film gets everything right, be it the background score or the visuals. Watch it to believe it. Do yourself a favour and watch #Bahubali this weekend! Treat to watch on the big screen. Kudos @RanaDaggubati @prabhasraju @tamannaahspeaks All the hard work and perseverance has certainly paid off, thanks to a well executed product like #Bahubali Mesmerised by its grandeur!

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

#Baahubali 1st half awesome visuals, 2nd half is OUTSTANDING! War scenes absolutely OUTSTANDING! A true Masterpiece.

Sambi Reddy ‏@imsambi

Pre interval nunchi arachakam start ayindhi.... Overall a good first half #Baahubali 2nd half going very well. @ssrajamouli sir on duty. #Baahubali A historical Visual Wonder with extraordinary elevations and Heart touching Emotions. To be continued... An S.S Rajamouli Film #Baahubali

Haricharan Pudipeddi ‏@pudiharicharan

#Baahubali interval. Takes time to set the ball in motion but the extravagant visuals and sound make up for the lost time. Best yet to come

harish prasad ‏@harish528

Tamannah is just awesome in the movie beauty at peaks this is completely different Tamannah never before @tamannaahspeaks #Baahubali

Suriya 24 ‏@Iam_aahil

#Baahubali bored Pros :Bull fight scenes, Visuals, last 45 min's War scenes Cons :Bad screenplay,Worst Twist,Worst cast Totally Disappointed

Free Wi-Fi ‏@I_me_vinay

#baahubali is a brilliantly made film. Prabahs and rana are great. Ramyakrishna is goddess.

Priyanka Bhatia ‏@sanmee4u

Watched #baahubali and i must say from the director to the actor has done a good job & super performances. Must watch film hatsoff to DOP.

Atul Mohan ‏@atulmohanhere

No words to describe #Bahubali Its an experience. Go for it! Take a bow @ssrajamouli Sir.

ρΓΔνξΣη ‏@pchitluri

From Mumbai show reviews #Bahubali is great epic. VFX like Hollywood Rana and prabas are brothers ,prabas is dual role

NąKul ㅤ ‏@itsNaCool

Watched #Baahubali .. Best Looking Film Made In India . Extravagant visuals . But very average screenplay & story . 3/5 Still it is the best film made in its genre in #India . A must watch . & Say Taran Adarsh was right vfx is of Hollywood level . #Baahubali Tamanna is bae ♥ . Loved Rana & Satyaraj . Prabhas was also good . Anushka Shetty reminds u of Rakhi from Karan Arjun . #Bahubali

Saikrishnan ‏@sai_tvmchennai

#Baahubali 1st half -..Visually magnificent...A mega serial..Just hoping that he will enter into the story now.. #Baahubali..1st half.actingnot grt but adequate..Lipsync for everybody is perfect for Tamil..great job.. #Baahubali 2nd half..EPIC... @ssrajamouli ...Bow to u sir & the entire team.Sooper ending for a brilliant 2nd part... #Baahubali..Watch it for the splendid detail,effort,visuals,awesome BGM..1st half dragging.2nd half-more than compensates it..

Sanjayan ‏@GsSanjayan

Extravagant sets with Rajmouli's beautiful screenpl worth the film to watch in Theatres to enjoy the real thrill of #Baahubali 3.75/5

Bibin Alphonse ‏@bibin_alphonse

Watched #Baahubali . Superb film. Awesome performance by every one .Hats off the entire team. Waiting for the 2nd part.

Prudvi ‏@_prudvi_

it was beautiful-YES it was a visual treat-YES it stands high in indian cinma-YES.. rajamouli's emotion-NO(only NO for me) in #Baahubali

Red Carpet Ent. ‏@e4entertainment

#Baahubali - Another showreel of @ssrajamouli's technical brilliant,perfect cast,detailed VFX,outstanding performance of actors. MUST WATCH

UPNEXT#Baahubali ‏@BO_Tollywood

#Baahubali Pre-Release report slowish for 40 mins nd picks up some pace towards interval!! Second half Last 45 mins Never Before !! #HIT

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