Avengers infinity war
Avengers: Infinity War posterAvengers/Facebook

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to release on April 27, but it has already started breaking records. The Marvel film took just six hours to break the superhero presales ticket records becoming the fastest-selling superhero movie in the first 24 hours.

Fandango, an American ticketing company that sells movie tickets, tweeted about Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War breaking the presales record. The advance ticket booking counter for Infinity War opened on Fandango at 6 am PDT (9 am EDT) Friday and within six hours it shattered the records of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Black Panther.

Another online ticket seller, Atom Tickets, recorded the same results with Infinity War's presales. According to Variety, Atom Tickets sold Infinity War tickets in the first day compared to what Marvel's last blockbuster film Black Panther did.

The presales of Infinity War started on the same day when the second trailer of the film was released.

Fandango also revealed that they surveyed 1,000 Infinity War ticket buyers and 97 percent said they "can't wait" to watch the heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together, while 94 percent of them said they want to see different franchise characters (like Guardians and Avengers) meeting for the first time, Variety reported.

Atom Tickets also surveyed 2,000 ticket buyers and found out that male patrons are more interested in watching the characters Mad Titan Thanos (26 percent), Iron Spider (17 percent) and T'Challa & Shuri (11 percent), while female patrons are interested in watching T'Challa & Shuri (28 percent), Peter Quill (15 percent) and Tony Stark (14 percent).

Avengers: Infinity War is Marvel's biggest film and features characters from almost all its franchise (Ant-Man and Hawkeye have not made appearances in any of the trailers). From the blockbuster Black Panther to Guardians of the Galaxy, the film has characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.