National Anthem scene in Bharat
National Anthem scene in BharatTwitter

The National Anthem scene in Salman Khan's Bharat has received astounding response across in the cinema halls across the country. But the audience in a few theatres are not showing respect by standing up.

Bharat, which was released on June 5, has become a blockbuster success with its collection of over Rs 160 crore net at the Indian box office in 6 days. What has given goosebumps to the audience is the National Anthem scene, which is one of the highlights of the film. Viewers almost everywhere across the country showed their respect and patriotism by standing up during this scene.

Salman Khan himself was more thrilled over this news than the collection of Bharat. The superstar tweeted, "Big thk u sabko fr giving sabse bada opening mere career ka par what made me the happiest & proudest is ki during a scene in my film jab national anthem is recited ev1 stood up as a mark of respect. There could be no bigger respect for our country than this... Jai Hind #Bharat."

But the audience in Novelty Cinema in Lalbagh, Lucknow failed to stand up during the National Anthem scene in Bharat at the 4.00 pm show on Monday. A journalist named Sona Mishra, who was probably only one to stand up, was shocked and disappointed over this disrespect. What is more shocking is that most of the viewers were Muslims. Soon after the show got over, she took to Twitter to condemn it.

Sona Mishra tweeted on Monday night, "'#Bharat' name itself says 'India'. Even the whole movie revolves around how much the 'Hero' loves and respects his country. And I am really ashamed to say that while watching the movie today in almost Housefull theatre ( #NoveltyCinemaLalbagh ) Only My family was standing during National Anthem. I was really shocked to see that people are watching Bharat and have no respect for their own country. In the big movie theatres, I have never seen such a thing. But today I went to a normal single screen and it was really embarrassing. Most of the people were Muslims and some 5-6 people I saw were Hindu and I have seen literary no one standing. And also this is not about Hindu or Muslim this is all about being Indian and respecting our own country. I have Muslim friends and I love them all but what I saw today was totally disrespectful. This is your country people be careful what you are teaching to your kids. Today you are disrespecting tomorrow they will do the same thing. Be responsible."

When IBTimes India contacted her, Sona Mishra said, "I went to watch Bharat in Lucknow's single-screen theatre Novelty Cinema Lalbagh at 4.00 pm on Monday. Most of the viewers were the Muslim, as the Eid is still being celebrated here. As soon as National Anthem started, I stood up and I saw not even a single person was standing. I am sure some of them were Hindu too. Maybe they thought it's part of entertainment they came for."

Shockingly, Novelty Cinema in Lalbagh, Lucknow is not the only place that witnessed such disrespect for National Anthem scene in Bharat, but also there are a few screens reported such incidents. Some upset fans took to condemn such incidents during the screening of the Salman Khan starrer and demanded the makers to delete this sequence.

Chhandosree‏ @chhandosree

#Bharat #SalmanKhan #NationalAnthem #NarendraModi What a great shame while watching #Bharat not a single from audience stands during our national anthem during the movie, the scene should be removed.

Saurabh Gupta‏ @Saurabh4u2010

Watching Bharat Movie.. Suddenly in one of the scene full National Anthem played. Surprisingly 90% people in the hall not stand. It's very disappointed to me how people did not give respect national Anthem. @BeingSalmanKhan #BharatMovie #NationalAnthem