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In a disturbing incident, a 60-year-old man has been accused of attempting to rape a minor girl at Golaghat, Assam. The accused has been handed over to police after being brutally thrashed by the locals.

According to Time8, the aged man identified as Durga Ghosh was caught in a compromising position at his house with a 4-year-old girl on June 13. The accused apparently lured the girl with sweets into his house when she was playing nearby.

On hearing the girl's scream, neighbours started looking for the minor, and found the man in a compromising position with her, the report stated. Outraged by the incident, locals dragged the man outside, and thrashed him black and blue. He was rescued by a team of police, who took him into custody for interrogation.

"We cannot accept such incidents in our civilised society. This will set a bad example for our children. The girls are not even safe in their own houses," the publication quoted a local as saying.

A few days ago, a drunk man was lynched to death by a mob for allegedly raping a 11-year-old girl in Jalandhar. The man had reportedly entered her house when she was alone, and allegedly raped her. She was found bleeding, while the man was still there.

The angry mob thrashed him brutally, following which, he was taken to hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.