AR Rahman has penned a letter to thank the selfless doctors, who are putting their lives at risk in the battle against Coronavirus. He has also sent a message to the public to isolate themselves, while also helping the people in need during the hour of crisis.

AR Rahman
AR Rahman's message to the public.AR Rahman Twitter

AR Rahman's Message
The two-time Oscar Award winning musician has also given a call to the people not to congregate in religious places and said that the God is inside everyone's heart. This comes after around 1500-1700 people, including delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Kyrgyzstan, attended Tablig-e-Jamaat event held at a Markaz in Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin from 1 to 15 March.

Six people from Telangana who attended the religious congregation succumbed after they contracted Coronavirus. More than 300 people have been taken to the hospital over suspicion of Coviv-19

AR Rahman's Unedited Text:
Check out the unedited text of AR Rahman that he shared on Twitter:

Dear Friends,

This message is to thank the doctors, nurses and all the staff working in hospitals and clinics all around India, for their bravery and selflessness. It fills one's heart to see how ready they are to deal with this most dreadful pandemic. They risk their lives to save ours.

It's time to forget our differences and unite against this invisible enemy that has turned the world upside down. It's time to bring the beauty of humanity and spirituality into action. Help our neighbours, senior citizens, the underprivileged and migrant workers.

AR Rahman
AR Rahman.PR Handout

God is inside your heart (the most sacred shrine), so this is not the time to cause chaos by congregating in religious places. Listen to the government's advice. Self-isolation for a few weeks may give you many more years. Do not spread the virus and cause harm to fellow humans. This disease does not even warn you that you are a carrier, so don't assume you are not infected. This is not the time to spread false rumours and cause more anxiety and panic.

Let's be kind and thoughtful, the lives of many millions are in our hands.