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An Apple iPhone 7REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Now, that Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is launched, the media attention has turned its focus on Apple's anniversary mobile –iPhone X aka iPhone 8. As per latest report, the upcoming device is expected to feature iPad Pro-like display.

Apple is reportedly incorporating iPad Pro-like True Tone display in to iPhone X and also the generic iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus models, Investment bank Barclays analyst, citing reliable company insider, told his client investor.

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The Barclays research analyst note, now available with Mac Rumors goes on to say that the iPhones' display will have a full spectral sensing ambient light sensor to change the colour of the screen, just allowing the right percentage and intensity of white light the user need while reading. This will drastically reduce the strain on the eyes and particularly the improve viewing experience for the user, who whilst reading on the iPhone, moves around the house or any other place with a different lighting set.

This is really a valuable addition to the iPhone X and the iPhone 7s series. But, it comes at a cost though. Due to the additional integrated sensors, True Tone Display might make new iPhones a bit costly. It is said to be procured from the same Austrian semiconductor manufacturer AMS, who supplied displays for the iPad Pro, and would cost $1 for each iPhone unit. [Note: normal display panel, used in previous iteration, is used to cost around $0.60 a piece]

Apple iPhone X: What we know so far

As per the latest reports, Apple's anniversary mobile, the iPhone X, is said to have OLED-based display with state-of-the-art wrap-around technology, wherein key components such as earpiece, FaceTime camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be integrated right into the display panel, thus increasing the screen-to-body ratio and offer a true edge-to-edge display for immersive viewing, experience without increasing dimensions of the device.

Apple is also expected to incorporate facial and gesture recognisable laser sensor with front-camera to help authenticate the owner's face and also scan the eyes' iris pattern to unlock iPhone screens.

Further, the front-camera will be 3D-capable, wherein the iPhone X users will be able to play AR (Augmented Reality) games on their devices with a protagonist featuring 3D image of their own face.

Other expected features include a new generation Apple A11 Fusion CPU, higher RAM and battery capacity.

As far as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are concerned, they are expected to have an identical design language as seen on the current iPhone 7 series, but with incremental upgrades in terms internal hardware, which includes new A11 series Fusion CPU backed by 3GB RAM and bigger battery.

Watch this space for latest news on Apple iPhone X (aka iPhone 8) and iPhone 7s series.