Apple, which has long been using Amazon and Microsoft's cloud services, has decided to partner with Google, reducing its reliance of Amazon's severs, says a CRN report.

The report also says Apple is currently investing between $400 million and $600 million on Google's cloud platform, and has also significantly reduced its reliance on Amazon's Web Services (AWS).

While Google and Apple may be bitter rivals in the smartphone market, such arrangements aren't too uncommon. For example, Apple iPhone 6s' A9 chip is produced by Samsung, its flagship device rival. The CRN report also states that intense pricing pressures in the cloud computing market have made such dramatic turn of events fairly common.

Last year, Apple announced that it would invest €7.7 billion on data centres in Europe, which would power the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri for Apple's European customers.

Morgan Stanley estimates that Apple could be spending over $1 billion on AWS, and according to PC World, Apple may soon move away from Google's cloud services as well as Amazon and Microsoft's.

This current move comes as boost for Google's cloud services as it tries to establish itself as a major cloud services player. Earlier this year, Diane Green, former CEO of VM Ware, had joined Google to head its cloud services.

In February, music streaming service Spotify announced it would be moving to Google's cloud services.