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a Dutch blockchain company is about to launch a new app aiming at creating contracts for consensual sex, which could turn one-night stands into commitments.

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Known as LegalFling, the app is from a Dutch blockchain company which will provide people with a "legally binding agreement" before they plan to initiate a fling.

This app will give people the benefits of matching their sexual preferences and clearing their dos and don'ts before they get into action.

The app aims at granting explicit sexual consent before the partakers engage in sex and the rationale is consensual sex is not just about using protection but also about knowing what all would exactly take place in the closed room.

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The app will provide the partakers to choose whether they want to take photos and videos of their intimate moments or not. It will also make your partners aware of your sexual preferences like condom use, STD-free guarantee, BDSM and usage of explicit language.

The app users also have the options of customising their likes and dislikes, which would provide them with the choice to opt for having sex without protection or knowing whether the other person is STD-free or not. The app user can also send requests to multiple people for "group flings" if having just one partner is not enough for them.

"Sex should be fun and safe, but nowadays a lot of things can go wrong," the New York Post quoted the website as saying.

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"While you're protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality. LegalFling creates a legally binding agreement, which means any offense is a breach of contract."

This LegalFling app uses blockchain technology, which aids in creating records which are time-stamped, that are linked and even secured using cryptography.

This app can help you in getting in touch with your fling when s/he clicks on the consent option.

The consent can be sent by the app users using other social media platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and Telegram.

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The app users have the choice to withdraw the consent simply by swiping and distance yourself from the legal agreement.

This app has been created after the #MeToo movement hit the social media, raising global concern about sexual exploitation and sexual harassment faced by celebs, politicians, journalists and women in general. 

"If there's a breach of contract, app users can "escalate a breach," which would trigger "cease and desist letters and enforcing penalty payments," New York Post quoted.

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Whether the legally binding contract for consensual sex will be accepted or not depends on the country of the residence of the app user.

The app is yet to be approved by Google and Apple before it will be available for download.