Actress-turned-producer Anushka Sharma is being trolled for using imagery of Hindus as villains for her commercial gain in Paatal Lok following which #boycottpaatallok and #BoycottAmazon are trending on Twitter.

Anushka Sharma turned producer with her 2015 movie NH10, which was hit at the box office. Later she bankrolled hit movie like Phillauri (2017) and Pari (2018) under her home banner Clean Slate Films. Now she has entered the web series industry with her latest production Paatal Lok, which was released on Amazon Prime Video on May 15, 2020.

Anushka Sharma
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Paatal Lok is a gritty crime thriller, which has been written by Sudip Sharma, Sagar Haveli, Hardik Mehta and Gunjit Chopra and directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy. The movie is about a cynical inspector, who is tasked with investigating a high-profile case which leads him into a dark realm of the underworld. The film has received mixed reviews and ratings from the viewers.

While some viewers heaped praises upon the team of Paatal Lok, few audiences were very upset with the movie. They say that the film is blatantly Hinduphobic and it paints Hindus in a bad light. They not only cursed Anushka Sharma but also gave a call to boycott the film.

The upset viewers also shared the videos and photos of a Hindu priest abusing two men, while a politician eats non-veg food with Hindu gods in the background. They say that the web series is full of Muslim appeasement and hatred against Hindus. Hashtags like #boycottpaatallok and #BoycottAmazon are now trending on Twitter.

Here are some Twitter comments expressing anger against Anushka Sharma:

Amlan_Dutta @ind_researcher

So Virat Kohli's wife dumbo @AnushkaSharma is the producer of anti Hindu show on Amazon. No surprises there. Must be Pakistani funded. #BoycottAmazon #boycottpaatallok

Parth Patani @iparthpatani

Once again, Bolly-tards have come up with some shit like #PaatalLok which has potrays a beef eating man in front of a Murti of Goddess and lynching by men wearing Saffron. Shame on this anti-hindu mentality of Bolly-tards. #boycottpaatallok ...shame on loser @AnushkaSharma

Truelibra @Truelibra3

We all should participate in the trend #boycottpaatallok today. We need to make some noise, otherwise these naxalites will continue with their agenda. If we could do it fr Chhapak (wch only suffered bcoz of Deepika) we can surely do it for this shit!

Kaushik Singh @kaushikkumar28

#boycottpaatallok @AnushkaSharma Your agenda is complete, let down one religion ?? Is the country so bad that someone is forced to hide his religion ???Pouting faceAngry faceAngry faceAngry face

Antevasin @Antevasin10

#boycottpaatallok Shame on you @AnushkaSharma @imVkohliyou both first get some brains. What's the use of having so much money when you let yourselves by traitors

ANKIT GUPTA @GuptaGupta63

Mastram Ghoul aur ab Patal lok. this cannot happen by mistake, then what agenda is behind this, on whose behalf such a dirty game is being played? The entire film and TV serial industry is spreading very toxic intellectual terrorism against Hindus 2/3 #BoycottPaatalLok

Dr. Shrawan Arjun Bishnoi @Dr_ShrawanArjun

Just ended up wasting my precious time by watching yet another "hindu-phobic" Amazon Originals' new series, #Paatal_Lok. Its so disgusting that online streaming platforms like Prime and Netflix are continuously releasing such shitty contents over their apps. #boycottpaatallok

A_Nony_Miss @0A_Nony_Miss0

SO THE INVERTEBRATE @AnushkaSharma @imVkohli comply to the idea that Hindus kill Sikhs When NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER happened.CONgress lynched Sikhs, coz their mother Indira Gandhi was killed. HINDUS saved their Sikh friends guarding them whole time. #boycottpaatallok

Pranay Pathak @pranaypathak

@AnushkaSharma has come out as a disappointment lately. Producing such a hate-mongering program just fore the sake of earning money is highly unacceptable. More people sitting at high places should come out and support. #PaatalLokKeLog #PaatalLokReview

Akash Bhardwaj @urakash992

Makers of #patallok are themselves कीड़ा.... Just revolving the story from Islamic fundamentalists to only Hindu believers. What a shame!....i live near Hapur area and it never happened that Hindus barging into the train and identifying Muslims and lynching them. #Shameonthem

Rahul Kr. Sr. @BiharKaLal

Open IMDB & destroy the ratings of this Hinduphobic propaganda web-series Called #pataallok Let's show these Hindu haters our Unity.

Shivani nannυ @shivani_nannu

Oppressed Minority No.2 shown in #PaatalLok Hindu Killing Sikhs.. Really? Anushka Sharma Thodi sharm nahi hai tum logo ko? Jhooth pe jhooth. Khalistani, Pakistani & ISI agenda..CBI, GOVT, POLICE, HINDUS ALL ARE SHOWN IN BAD LIGHT.. #boycottpaatallok