After Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Ali Fazal, actors Jaideep Ahlawat and Abhishek Banerjee are finally getting their due credit as talents on Amazon Prime Video's web-series platform. While many of us were aware of Jaideep being a stellar performer, not many of us have been able to see enough of him on the big screen. Jaideep has a rooted sense of humour, unlike what his films have made him out to be. The interaction with the actor happened mainly in Hindi over a telephonic conversation, which took place with too many network interruptions. 

Jaideep Ahlawat

You are more popular as the actor from Raazi. Do you enjoy being known for your characters, or do you want to be known by your name?

Both ma'am. It's not like there are only these options for an actor, to be well known for your character, or for being a good actor. I love being known for both. (laughs)

What is it about gangster based films, web-series, that holds your interest?

(A little interruption in the phone call where he is unable to hear my voice and vice versa, so mainly this was all about hey can't hear you, your voice is muffled can you repeat it please). 

Yes, I understand your question, you see I do gangster based films, spy thrillers because no one else is giving me other kinds of roles. Let's see if I get some comedy or romantic films. 

(Due to a lot of echoes and interruptions we disconnected this call and started afresh).

Do you have an interest in gangster based roles?


Haa mujhe khoon kharabein main bahut maza ata hain maam. Bahaar toh karne ke liye milta nehi. Wahan toh police pakad letein hain na. Apni saari bhadas wahan nikalta hun.

(Oh yeah, I have a special kind of interest in killing people. I can't do that in real life else the police will arrest me, so I vent through my characters.) 

Why were you interested in Paatal Lok?

Jaideep Ahlwwat

(Jokes again) 

Paatal Lok main ekdum alag role mila na mujhe, police walan ban gaya, ab main gangster ko pakad pakad ke andar dalunga sabko. Jeene nehi dunga, jeena haram kar dunga, kyun ki woh bahar crime karke ghumte hain. Paatal Lok main, mein, bahut hi suljha huwa insaan hun, ko ki bahut hi honest cop hain, bahut hi kaam karta hain apni samaj ke liye. Aur uske apni ek life ki journey hain, usse thik karne main laga hain. Apni family ke saath equation bhi thik karnein ki koshish kar raha hain woh.

In Paatal Lok, I got a completely different character. I play a police officer and I enjoy beating up gangsters, putting them behind bars. I make their life hell because they are involved in criminal activities. In Paatal Lok I am a refined man, an honest cop, who works intelligently. The cop's life is a different journey, and he also tries to fix his personal life. He tries to build a proper equation with his family too. 

When did you want to be a part of this acting industry?

Graduation ke baad hi laga maam, maine theatre karne laga tha, theatre karne ke baad laga ki yeh badiya hain, toh maine Film Institute join kiya, Pune main, FTII, wahan don saal ki training li, ukse baad Bombay aa gayein.

After graduation. I started doing theatres, after that, I went to FTII Pune, where I trained myself as an actor for two years. 

What are some of your favourite gangster based films?

Goodfellas, The Good The Bad The Ugly.

Jaideep Ahlawat

You have learnt the art of delivering dialogue with expression. 

I learnt that from Ajay Devgn, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpayee, Om Puri Saab, who taught me that you can deliver a dialogue by relying on expressions. There are many actors from the industry who has this skill, I took just a few names, but there are many. 

At what point of time in your career did you feel that you have started gaining recognition in the film industry? 

In 2010, Priyadarshan Saab's Aakrosh and Khatta Meetha happened both of them were gangster based films, after that, it was Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Chittagong there we fought for freedom,  then I got Gangs of Wasseypur, I think that post that phase I started loving gangster based films. Then I did Commando, Viswaroopam, where I wasn't a gangster but I was satisfied with my role. Opportunities kept coming, I didn't have to struggle much so, I do consider myself quite fortunate.

What do you take from each of your characters?

Main apne characters se kya seekhunga main life se sikh chuka hun bahut kuch. Main apne samaaj se sikhunga. Characters are taken from the society. If I dont learn from the society, my life then what will I portray on screen, I cant play that character. Unko sikhne ke liye main acting nehi kartan hoon, unko sikhane ke liye acting karta hun. Tki aapko kuch samajh main aye, janta ko kuch samajh main aye. Main toh already sikh chuka hun.

What will I learn from my characters? I learn from life, I learn from society. These characters which I play are taken from society, if I don't learn from society then what will I portray on screen? I can't play that character. I don't need to learn it from my characters, life has taught me enough. I learn from society. I teach those characters so that you may learn, people who watch the film may learn. I have already learnt what I had to.