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The Facebook application for Android is crashing for past one day, but is now fixed.REUTERS/Thomas White

Earlier in the week, Facebook's messenger app for iOS began crashing on iPhones and iPads soon after the new update. But, within a day, the social media giant issued the software patch to the iOS store and soon after the update it went live, it started working normally.

However, in the Android ecosystem, the main Facebook app started showing same signs with several users complaining that the application doesn't even open and pops up message 'Facebook keeps stopping' and asks users to report to the Google Play store.

shahira amira amran‏ @shiramira95

My fb is crashing 24/7 after the latest update... I can't log out. I can't see home page..It's frustrating.. #facebookcrash #facebookdown

sweetlittlepie‏ @mzQ1Q

#facebookdown #facebookcrash @facebook i have been experiencing crash on my facebook app since june 16 on my note 8 samsung. Reinstalled it but still not working. Help.

Francis Quilicot Bajao‏ @franquibaj

Facebook is down, now I'm here forced to check my twitter #facebookdown #facebookcrash

dee garcia ❤‏ @niecyfrmbk

@facebook what are you guys doing about the FB app crash? Keeps stopping, can't even get in since Android upgrade


Many tried deleting the app and reinstalled it, but in vain. Peeved over the fact that they could not open the app, users took to Twitter to complain about Facebook. Now, it looks like the company has finally fixed the application from the server side.

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Android Facebook app is crashing for last two days,.KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

Are you still facing FB crash issue? Follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Open the Google Play store and search Facebook.

Step 2: Tap 'update or open' button in the right corner. That's it. You will see the Facebook open with little lag-ness, but it's ok.

Step 3: Once Facebook open, close it and then again open the app directly from the home screen. It will show all the messages and pictures posted by your friends on the Facebook wall.

In a related development, Facebook is planning to bring in a new feature that lets users send a direct message to their friends on WhatsApp through the Facebook account.

Reports have indicated that Facebook is stilling testing this native 'Send in WhatsApp' feature for phones. Going by their earlier release pattern, it is estimated to take about a month or two to bring the feature to the mobile app.

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