Kollywood was in a state of a shock when the pictures of Anirudh and Andrea Jeremiah were leaked online in 2012. Back then, the singer was trying to gain foothold in the film industry, while the young musician had become a household name following the gigantic success of "Kolaveri di" track.

Andrea and Anirudh's Kissing Pics
The leaked pictures of Andrea and Anirudh.PR Handout

Andrea, an Easy Target
The fact that Anirudh is a relative of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth had only caused more embarrassment to him. Naturally for a section of people, Andrea was the easy target.  There was an age gap (he was 22 and she was 27) of five years between them which made the conservative audience raise their eyebrows. 

Till then, people involved in such controversies avoided responding to questions; yet the best, celebrities used to call such leaked elements as doctored pictures or videos as an attempt to protect their image. But in case of Anirudh and Andrea, they gave a damn about the controversy.

Andrea Unfazed
The unperturbed actress had told a daily that such things should not have surfaced online, but she was not worried about the leak. The singer-actress claimed that people, who mattered the most in her life, had stood by her as the pillar of strength.

Anirudh and Andrea
Anirudh and Andrea.PR Handout

She admitted and said, "Yes, theses pictures are 18 months old and both Anirudh and me are not ashamed of such a thing. It was a beautiful bond we shared but we had to let go."

Andrea made it a point that the controversy was insignificant in her life. Whereas Anirudh had apologied to her in another interview and claimed that someone uploaded their snaps online without their consent.

No Hard Feelings
However, the best part of the story is that they remained friends even after the break-up and they do not have hard feelings against each other. In fact, she continued to maintain cordial friendship with his cousin Soundarya Rajinikanth.