Mysskin, who is basking in the good response for his latest movie Psycho, has opened up about an incident that occurred during the making of his earlier movie Thupparivaalan. The filmmaker has spoken about the "immaturity" shown by Anu Emmanuel while performing a scene in the film, leaving him upset.

Anu Emmanuel and Andrea
Anu Emmanuel and Andrea.PR Handout

Why Mysskin got Upset?
In an interview, Mysskin was asked whether he was comfortable directing two-heroine movies which made him recall the incident from the past. According to him, Anu Emmanuel had given a rude response to Andrea when the latter asked to be careful while enacting a scene.

"Anu Emmanuel and Andrea Jeremiah were shooting for their combination scene. While Andrea wore jeans and a T-shirt, Anu wore a kurta. So Andrea told her to watch her step as her kurta might get stuck. But, she got furious and asked Andrea to mind her job. I got really angry and irritated,"
the director reveals.

Anu Get it from Mysskin
Later, Mysskin met Anu and gave a tongue-lashing for her behaviour. "I told her that Andrea is a lot more experienced than you and all she did was to ask you to watch your step. I was so furious that I wanted to smash a pumpkin on her head," he added.

In another interview, Mysskin has revealed that he would have smashed Anu's head if he had come across any object.

Mysskin claims that there were no issues on the sets of his latest film Psycho and he thinks it was because everyone is "matured."

Mysskin.PR Handout

Anu Emmanuel, who made her debut with Swapna Sanchari in Malayalam, has worked in over 10 movies in the last eight years in multiple industries. Whereas Andrea has been associated with film industry as a singer and actress since 2005.

Meanwhile, Pyscho has done well at the box office in Chennai. It has earned over Rs 1.40 crore in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.