Andre Russell, wife Jassym Lora
Andre Russell, wife Jassym LoraInstagram

Cricketer Andre Russell stole the thunder from Hardik Pandya's impressive innings when Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) took away the win from Mumbai Indians (MI) on Sunday evening at the Eden Gardens in the ongoing IPL T20 2019. While Russell drove KKR to a massive winning total of 232 runs by knocking 80 runs of 40 balls, Hardik Pandya pulled off 91 runs from 34 balls but failed to sail Mumbai Indians through the KKR storm.

Coincidentally, Andre Russell's powerful knock came just hours before he could ring in his 31st birthday on April 29. His wife Jassym Lora, who was cheering for her husband witnessing his electrifying innings from the Eden Gardens stand, had a special interaction with her love of her life in the post match ceremony.

In the most candid and adorable chat with his wife Jassym, Russell said that whenever he walks inside the ground, his aim is to impress his wife with his batting skills.

"Special night for me as well. It's my birthday. I always feel pressure because I want to make sure the fans are happy and I want to impress my beautiful wife every match," Russell said while interacting with his wife Jassym.

He further added, "It's an emotional feeling. It's the last game of the season in Kolkata. We knew that we had to leave the fans who have been giving us great support over the last six days with a bang. We surely did, won by 34 runs."

Andre Russell, wife Jassym Lora
Andre Russell, wife Jassym LoraInstagram

When Jassym affectionately asked Russell if he considers his beautiful wife as a lucky charm, the loving husband, who couldn't stop blushing, replied, "Yes. Of course" filling Jassym's heart with immense happiness.

Reacting to Russell's hard-hitting match-winning knock, Jassym told her husband, "It felt good. I knew you were going to do that because today is the last match in this ground [Eden Gardens]. I expected that from you. I really heart in my hands when you were hitting those big sixes."

Gazing into Russell's eyes with love, Jassym told her husband that she wants to wish him a very happy birthday which melted the strong man's heart like an ice cream. "Thank you so much babe," Russell replied and gave Jassym a warm and tight hug making the viewers go completely awww with their loving chemistry.

Jassym also posted a few moments giving a glimpse into Russell's birthday celebrations on her Instagram story section and even posted a nude picture of her husband while taking a shower.

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