TV anchor Ravi with Ali Reza
TV anchor Ravi with Ali RezaCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Popular TV anchor Ravi said that Ali Reza is genuine and sweetheart. He requested the viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 to support him and vote for him to make the winner of this season of the show. After a long time, Ravi came on Facebook live chat with his fans and wished Prabhas and anchor Pradeep on their birthdays. He said, "The reason for coming on Facebook live is Ali Reza. Everyone knows about how Ali is special to me.

We have studied in the same school and grown up in the same locality. Ours is not just hi and bye friendship. Our bonding became very stronger after we entered TV industry." The anchor added, "I've many friends in the industry, but Ali is special. People who watched Super Machi, are aware of our friendship. We very close friends and closer than family friends. I call his father Abbas Bhai. He is also very friendly. I go to his house during the Sankranti festival and fly kites. I and Pradeep celebrate most of the festivals at Ali's house. Aunty sends biriyani in kgs to my house during Ramzan."

Speaking about his support, Ravi said, "Many people are talking about Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and asking me why I am not supporting various contestants. To be clear, I support everyone as they are playing well. All of them are close friends of mine. But Ali is family. He is one elder than me and he is like my elder brother." Ravi added, "Not many know about our bonding because I keep my personal life private and secret. The reason for keeping my wedding under wraps is that I want my private space. That's I why did not talk about it. But some people know about my friendship with Ali and many people are not aware of it."

Ali Reza on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Ali Reza on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of Hotstar video

Talking about his journey in the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house, Ravi said, "You know about Ali from the beginning of the show to 49 days. He was aggressive like Arjun Reddy and several comments were made about him. Everyone including me was shocked when he was eliminated. I thought he was not nominated so far. If he would get nominated, he will walk out of the show. The same thing happened."

But Ravi was happy that Ali had this experience. He said, "Ali had fame when he was doing serials, but his popularity grew due to Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Everyone saw him for 49 days and felt bad about his eviction. He is very genuine and sweetheart. After the eviction, he attended some birthday functions. He thought a lot about his re-entry. He discussed what to do after the re-entry with many including me."

Ali Reza
Ali RezaTwitter/StarMaa

Ravi added, "Many think that he voluntarily entered the house. But the management of Bigg Boss wanted it and he is worth it. They brought him back after considering various factors. He obliged them because he has got a lot of fame from the show. After the re-entry, he did not have any game plan or strategy. He has been trying to be his real self and genuine."