Saturn Moon Alien

Scott C Waring is now one of the most popular figures among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts as he used to unveil various image anomalies on photos released by NASA taken from Mars and Moon. Recently, the self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher revealed that aliens are secretly living in Saturn's moon Pan.

Scott C Waring made this conclusion after analysing the images of this moon captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The alien researcher argues that the shape of this Saturn's moon is so weird, and it is actually a probable space station that orbits the planet.

"This disk moon doesn't appear to be a moon at all, but probably a space station that orbits Saturn. Notice the Saturn ring that is attached to it? This ring is 100% proof that aliens on Saturn created this artificial moon to be a space station in orbit around the planet," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring added that aliens have used this tactic to hide from potential dangers as space is a very risky place to survive.

"Aliens can calculate the odds of events happening before they happen, and apparently space is still a dangerous place, so much so that even advanced alien cultures need to hide and protect their ships, space stations, buildings and bases using camouflage to mask their existence. That would defiantly affect the odds of survival, and those are the odds they care most about," added Waring.

A few weeks back, after spotting an alien-like fossil on Mars, Waring claimed that extraterrestrials had once roamed the Red Planet. After making this discovery, Waring also urged United States President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. The researcher also assured that he will expose the bitter realities about alien lives once he gets appointed as the NASA chief.