NASA moon rock
UFO Sightings Daily

Popular conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring has once again blamed NASA for faking the Apollo moon landing. To substantiate his theory, he talks about a 2009 news story which states that a rock supposedly brought back from the moon by US astronauts is nothing but a piece of petrified wooden piece.

Waring claimed that the fake moon rock was stored in the Dutch National Museum, and it was actually insured for more than half a million dollars.

"NASA has announced yesterday that they would open up sealed boxes of moon rocks to study them more deeply. They said the tools today were not available back in the 1970s. You see NASA has been saying those rocks are really from the moon, however all evidence available to the public points to them being fake. In Aug 2009, when the world news announced that the Dutch National Museum has in its possession and on display, a fake moon rock. This moon rock was tested and found to simple petrified wood," wrote Scott C Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring also alleged that the moon had no forests in the past, and he asked NASA from where they got this petrified wooden piece. As per Waring, NASA had faked the Apollo moon landings to make other countries perceive that the United States is a world power.

Waring claimed that the United States Presidents had gifted fake moon pieces to several countries and astronauts, and now they are trying their best to took them back fearing possible exposure which may happen in the future.

"I have to admit I am curious at what the scientists are actually doing opening those boxes? Perhaps NASA has purchased meteorites that were from the moon and are going to replace them with those to be tested? A simple switch behind closed doors and nobody would be the wiser," added Waring.

Waring also urged the United States government to give their space missions to Elon Musk, as he used to keep his promises when compared to NASA.