Conspiracy theorists and extreme spiritual believers have long been claiming that humanity is currently going through the end times. According to these apocalypse believers, recent world events which include the pandemic outbreak and certain signs in the skies are indicating that the clock has already started ticking for humanity. And now, two mysterious videos apparently captured from China and Mexico have once again triggered apocalypse debate on the online world. 

Tower of light that hovered in skies like a UFO

On September 08, people in Shenyang, China were shocked to see a tower of light that hovered in the skies just like a UFO. The eerie event made people panic, and they soon whipped out their phones to film this giant pillar.

sky events in China and Mexico
Sky event in China (Left) and Mexico (Right)YouTube

The video of this alleged incident soon spread like a wildfire, and it made several people believe that these are signs from heaven that indicate an imminent world end. In the meantime, a section of other social media users started claiming that the event could be a sign of an alien invasion. However, some skeptics suggested that this video captured from China could be made using advanced computer graphics. 

Blue skies in Mexico amid an earthquake

Another mysterious event that happened in the world was the appearance of blue light in the skies of Mexico during an earthquake. On September 08, a powerful earthquake measuring 7M rattled Mexico, and at the same time, blue lights appeared in the night skies. 

Soon, the internet was loaded with videos of the incident, and people started claiming that the inevitable apocalypse has begun on earth, while some others called it an alien invasion. However, Troy Shinbrot of Rutgers University revealed that blue skies during the time of an earthquake are natural. He also added that earthquake lights have been observed throughout history and used to occur on a frequent basis.