Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth is real. To substantiate their views, they often cite the examples of UFO sightings and testimonials shared by self-proclaimed alien abductees. And now, one such alien abduction story has gone viral on online spaces, and it has made many people believe that extraterrestrial existence on earth is nothing but a reality. 

The mindblowing testimonial shared by Phillip Kinsella

The testimonial has been shared by a British citizen who goes by the name Phillip Kinsella. Kinsella claimed that the alleged incident happened in 1989, and he was abducted by reptilian aliens in a UFO. The alien abductee added that he was then strapped naked to a bed and probed by the advanced extraterrestrial species. 

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"The next thing I recall was I found myself in a kind of medical environment. It was a bit dingy, it was very hot. And I found myself naked. When I turned to my right, there were what I can only describe as - as ridiculous as it sounds - three reptilians, that didn't communicate but they were in this kind of thicker mist. I was absolutely horrified, even more so when I found that there was some sort of implement that had been placed in the lower part of my region," Kinsella told Coast to Coast podcast, Daily Star reports. 

Aliens had no empathy

During the talk, Kinsella claimed that the advanced aliens he met had no sympathy, empathy, compassion, or love. The alien abductee added that he was rescued from reptilians by a grey extraterrestrial

"I just wanted this thing out of me because it felt organic within the lower parts of my anatomy. These beings, whatever they were, had no compassion, no love, no sense of empathy at all. I had some physical marks afterward the next day. My brother found three triangular marks behind my right ear, three marks on my right arm, and I also had profuse nosebleeds from my right nostril, and these stopped after two years," added Kinsella. 

A few weeks back, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) researcher Chris Jones had claimed that alien abduction stories shared by people from different parts of the world could be real. 

"I think after seeing the stories and the testimony over years there's a very big commonality between the cases. It definitely warrants the interest and investigation we give it, just as much as a UFO sighting because there definitely is something to this phenomenon," said Jones.