Conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that alien existence on earth is real. To substantiate these views, conspiracy theorists often put forward the testimonials shared by people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. And now, a new study report has suggested that lucid dreaming could be the reason behind almost all alien abduction stories. 

Lucid dreaming and alien abduction stories

During the time of lucid dreaming, people will be partially aware, and they could even control their dreams. Russian researchers who were part of this research tried to figure out whether dream experiments could provide clues about alleged extraterrestrial experiences.

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During the study, researchers prompted lucid dreamers to dream about encounters with aliens or unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The results were literally surprising, as several sleepers claimed to have seen dreams that resembled actual descriptions of alleged alien abductions. 

One female participant claimed to have seen a blue-skinned alien with bulged eyes and oversize heads. 

"I was blinded by a very bright light, like from a searchlight. My vision was gone, and I felt dizzy and light," described the participant about her alien encounter, Live Science reports.

12 percent of the participants spoke with aliens and interacted with them physically during the dreams. UFOs showed up in 28 percent of the alien encounters. 

"Feelings of paralysis, fear and helplessness in vivid dreams can be so powerful that they blur the line between dreams and reality, so it's no wonder that people who may have unknowingly been dreaming instead insist that they actually met with aliens who stole them away and transported them to UFOs," said Michael Raduga, a researcher at the Phase Research Center (PRC), a private facility in Moscow. 

A MUFON researcher who believes alien abductions are real

Even though the study report has refuted the claims made by alien abductees, MUFON researcher Chris Jones believes that abduction stories shared by people could be real. The researcher also claimed that an advanced alien species could be already living on earth. 

Recently, Sky News Daily podcast host Dermot Murnaghan asked Jones whether he believes in alien abduction stories, and the researcher quickly replied, "I do." 

"I think after seeing the stories and the testimony over years there's a very big commonality between the cases. It definitely warrants the interest and investigation we give it, just as much as a UFO sighting because there definitely is something to this phenomenon," said Jones.