UFO Mars
YouTube Screenshot: MrMBB333

An amateur skywatcher who runs the YouTube channel 'MrMBB333' has released an eerie video which shows a UFO-like object heading towards Mars. In the video clip, a bright object is seen hurtling across the black void of space, and many conspiracy theorists soon concluded that alien life exists on Mars.

Satellite or alien spaceship?

In the video, the uploader claimed that the object spotted in the video is not definitely a plane, and he suspects it as a possible alien ship approaching the red planet.

"While recording Mars this morning in the SSW sky it was very photogenic as was something else that was moving at a very high rate of speed," wrote the uploader in the video description.

The video which was uploaded on June 24, 2018, soon went viral, and it has already received more than 55,500 views on YouTube.

Viewers soon started putting forward various theories explaining the bizarre sighting.

"They have ships, old and new, that can zoom through space. Here's a little neuron firing for ya. The movie, Kingsman, depicts an underground railway system that is identical to??? Yes, that's right. The Hyperloop that is being pushed oh so fervently," commented The Waters Above, a YouTube user.

Another YouTube visitor Melissa Ivy wrote:"Look at the object carefully it's changing colors too!!! Hmmmmmm very very strange it's definitely not anything made from here!!! This was cool thank you be safe and stay cool." 


But skeptics argued that the UFO spotted in the video might actually be a satellite. However, conspiracy theorists debunked these claims, and argued that a satellite could not fly at such a high speed.

The Mars mystery continues

Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that aliens are living on Mars. Recently, NASA announced that they have found traces of organic compounds and methane on the Martian surface. After this revelation, popular UFO researchers including Tyler Glockner claimed that extraterrestrial beings might be living under the surface of the red planet.