Water on Mars

Scott C Waring, a very popular name among conspiracy theorists and a self-proclaimed alien researcher who operates from Taiwan, has apparently spotted many anomalies in NASA images taken from Mars and the moon.

Waring has claimed that NASA, the United States space agency, had spotted evidence of flowing water on Mars long back in 2014 but intentionally covered up the discovery since then.

Waring claimed that he saw the evidence of flowing water from a NASA image taken long back in 2014. In the image shared by NASA, a mysterious stream, seemingly looking like water can be seen leaking out of rocks on a hillside.

"They ignored this water flow and never told the news or the public about the rover's findings. They must have seen this, look how big and obvious the water flow is! It is impossible to miss it. So, the only other answer is that NASA decided to hide it from the public. The rover could have easily analyzed and tested this liquid to see if its water or some other liquid, but again, NASA has not said or posted any more about this photo," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also outlandishly claimed that NASA might have discovered at least a dozen living species on Mars.

"Remember how the first life in space was announced by Russian astronauts who found large plankton growing on the solar panels of the space station a few years ago? Yeah...NASA didn't do that...Russia did. Remember that gel found on the moon this week by the Chinese moon rover Jade Rabbit? Yeah...that wasn't NASA too. If we want discloser of the truth about alien species, we have to rely on other sources instead of NASA," added Waring.

This is not the first time that Waring is blaming NASA for an alleged alien coverup. A few months back, after discovering a seemingly thigh-shaped structure on Mars, Waring urged United States President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. Waring claimed that he will unveil all secrets associated with alien life if he gets a chance to work as the NASA head.