UFO Moon
The fish shaped UFO could be an alien ship, claims Scott C. Waring    / UFO Sightings Daily

Popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring has claimed that he has discovered an alien ship on the surface of the moon. In a recent post on his website 'UFO Sightings Daily', Waring claimed that he spotted this image after analyzing a NASA image, and he assured that it is a gigantic alien UFO which might be more than 10 miles long.

"I felt like maybe I should let Elon Musk know about the 10 mile long alien ship that I found. This particular craft is in Waterman Crater on Earths moon. I thought that if I let him know that such a high tech ship with a length of about 10-11 miles long existed, that perhaps he may take an interest in salvaging it. Humanity needs to travel out of our solar system to colonize on other worlds and this craft may still be working," wrote Waring on his website.

NASA moon rock
NASA moon rock could be a fake one, claims researcher    / UFO Sightings Daily

Waring added that a spacecraft measuring more than ten miles could adopt thousands of people, and if the craft is working, it could play a crucial role in elevating the chances of space colonization in the future. The alien researcher also urged SpaceX founder Elon Musk to look into this image and asked him to salvage the ship, and later pasting a Tesla logo on it.

Even though the picture shared by Waring has now gone viral, experts have dismissed his claims stating that it is a peculiar nature of the human brain called pareidolia which is resulting in these visual hallucinations. As per experts, pareidolia is the capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns.

A few days back, Waring had claimed that NASA has never gone to the moon. Waring substantiated these claims after pointing out a news story in 2009 that states that the moon rock safeguarded at the Dutch National Museum is actually fake, and it is nothing but a simple petrified wood. Waring also urged the United States government to give their space missions to Elon Musk as he used to keep his promises.

Earlier, Waring had also requested United States president Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. Waring claimed that he is capable of unveiling mysteries of alien life if he gets appointed as the NASA chief.