UFO California
YouTube: Daniel Zermeno

The video of a square-shaped black object spotted in the skies of California is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The video was shot in broad daylight, and in this eerie footage, the black colored UFO was seen moving slowly across the skies. Adding creepiness to the incident, the unidentified flying object featured in the video can be seen spinning in the air at regular intervals.

The video was initially uploaded to YouTube by a user named Daniel Zermeno. The eyewitness revealed that the silent object that he saw during his working hours was deliberately moving in a certain direction.

"A strange Square object floats by silently over my work. I don't know if it's some kind of drone or some kind of balloon. I personally have no idea what this is. But judging by the way it moves and everything I can personally concludes that it wasn't a balloon because it wasn't spinning around or anything strange. It was deliberately moving in a certain direction," wrote the eyewitness in the video's description.

The video later gained popularity after it was shared by popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777'. After watching the shocking clip, several conspiracy theorists and viewers of the YouTube channel put forward various theories explaining the creepy sighting.

Most of the people who watched the video argued that the square object could be actually a sophisticated alien vessel from deep space. People who believe in this theory also argued that aliens are continuously visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities. As per these theorists, several ancient cave paintings discovered from various nooks of the globe that portrays star men and flying saucers are concrete proof of alien existence.

"Anybody think open contact may be soon? I believe in the Hopi prophecy of our star ancestors returning. Many tribes say that we used to walk this Earth with them long ago," commented Shurmash, a YouTube user.

Another YouTube user sarcastically commented that the square UFO could be actually Aladdin's flying carpet.

However, sceptics were quick to dismiss the alien claims and they believe that the UFO could be a weirdly shaped balloon floating in the air.