Jesus Christ alien

Several conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that aliens have visited earth regularly during the ancient days, and even now, they used to pay us a visit to monitor human activities. Adding heat to this theory, Dr Barry Downing, a popular Ufologist has now claimed that Jesus Christ is actually an alien from deep space.

As per Downing, several incidents depicted in the Bible indicates that aliens used to visit the earth in the ancient days. Downing argues that the world's purportedly oldest UFO sighting is mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel. He also revealed to reports that evidence of extraterrestrial activity can be seen in the Gospel of St Matthew in the New Testament.

Downing also believes that the embryo of Jesus Christ was planted in the womb of Mary by aliens using advanced technologies. Certain other people argue that Mary was inseminated with an alien sperm, and Jesus is actually an alien-human hybrid who possessed magical capabilities.

The Ufologist claims that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an irrefutable proof that substantiates the alien origin. Downing believes that Jesus Christ's ascension from the earth is actually the return to his distant alien home planet.

A few months ago, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the television host known for presenting 'Ancient Aliens' in History Channel had claimed that humans have misunderstood alien visitors as Gods. Tsoukalos made these remarks while talking about the origin of religion in the earth at the annual 'Contact in the Desert' UFO conference in Indiana Wells, California last year.

As per Tsoukalos, ancient humans misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their advanced technology was interpreted as divine power. It should also be noted that several conspiracy theorists in the past had claimed that ancient gods, especially in the Hindu and Greek mythology, are interstellar aliens from deep space.